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Full Spectrum Baseball presents The Payoff Pitch
Every Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m. Eastern Time

The Payoff Pitch is the official Internet Radio program for Full Spectrum baseball.  Host Ben Nisman brings you an hour of fantasy analysis, baseball breakdowns and exciting guests on Ivie League Production’s Blog Talk Radio Channel.

You can catch other shows such as: I-70 Baseball Radio, Baseball Bloggers’ Alliance Baseball Talk, and United Cardinal Blogger Radio hour every week on the same feed.  One channel, one sport, one love of the game.

Ben Nisman
As a high-school student; Ben Nisman found his passion in broadcasting when he would cover the play by play announcing for his friends’ independent wrestling league. Although wrestling was not a beloved sport of his, he enjoyed the opportunity to commentate every show.

Only a year later he found his true passion, baseball. He became fascinated with the game and immersed himself in it by learning every active player’s name and their career statistics. He decided to branch out more by beginning his own fantasy baseball league. This was not your normal league that most competitors were accustomed to. This was a sixteen team, 22 statistic, 25 man roster type league. Ben figured if it’s supposed to be just like managing a real team, he might as well spread the talent out as much as possible and make it as competitive as he could. His league that he commissions known as “The Bigs” has now been successfully running since 2003 and will be going into its tenth year of existence. The members of the league realized quickly that this was the most thorough, intense, and realistic fantasy league they could ever be a part of. Because of the natural competitiveness of the league, all members of “The Bigs” would admit that history has been made and legacies have been created from the time of its inception to now.

Ben Nisman is currently an actor for both the Screen Actors Guild union and the American Federeration of Television and Radio Artists. He was a principal character in the film “Wall Street Two; Money Never Sleeps” and currently directs short films.

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