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Bike Spokes to join Full Spectrum Baseball

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Bike Spokes to join Full Spectrum Baseball

Posted on 24 February 2012 by Bill Ivie

One of the popular features at BaseballDigest.com over the last few years has been the collecting section.

That collecting section, overseen by Tim Danielson, has seen multiple columns, writers and ideas.  The one constant throughout all of the change has been the incredibly popular “Bike Spokes And Shoe Boxes: Or What Not To Do With Your Baseball Cards”.

Here at Full Spectrum, we have promised you just that, the full spectrum of the sport of baseball.  A big part of that spectrum throughout all of the years has been baseball cards.  Collecting cards goes back almost as far as the professional game itself.

In order to bring you the best coverage of the collecting side of the baseball spectrum, I could not find anyone better than Tim Danielson.

It is my pleasure to announce that not only is Tim Danielson joining Full Spectrum Baseball, but Full Spectrum has acquired the rights to Bike Spokes And Shoe Boxes.  The same great coverage you have grown accustomed to over the last few years will continue, right here at Full Spectrum.

Stay tuned for Tim’s introduction coming soon and the first edition of Bike Spokes And Shoe Boxes in the near future.

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