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Brawl Breaks Out At World Baseball Classic

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Brawl Breaks Out At World Baseball Classic

Posted on 11 March 2013 by Jennifer Gosline

I am always amazed at the number of fans acting like fools, yelling obnoxious words, and in general putting on a show that no one wants to watch, but the players? Now, that goes beyond low class.


Yelling to the opposing team on the field. Starting fights during a game. Those ballplayers are supposed to be professionals. They get paid to go out and play baseball. Not boxing. Baseball. They are supposed to be playing a gentlemen’s game, as gentlemen.

I am disgusted at the massive amount of fighting that broke out at the World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico. I am appalled at the fact that it happened, putting fans in danger, players in danger, innocent people in danger. If those players had a problem, they need to bite their tongues. This is a professional environment.

Canada had the lead over Mexico 9-3 in the 9th inning, and because of how this tournament is set up, Canada laid down a bunt for a base hit to try and score even more runs. Mexico saw this as breaking the unwritten rule of good sportsmanship. I see both sides of why the disagreement occured. I get it. But do not blame the rules for the swinging punches. There should never have been a fight regardless of what rule was broken. Just let it go. Get angry about it in the clubhouse, not in a stadium full of people watching.

Both teams are at fault.

Good healthy rivalry is what is expected, not fists flying and baseballs being used as weapons. Never should the benches clear and a brawl start. Never should the front office staff be worried about what player got injured while using the diamond as a boxing ring. Oh, so justify it because it would never happen in the regular season? It would only happen in the World Baseball Classic? Regardless what time of the year it is, where it is, and who it is, keep the baseball game just that- baseball.

When the professionals are acting like little leaguers… wait, I am not giving the little leaguers enough credit here, most kids know right from wrong- let’s go with delinquents. When the professionals are acting like delinquents, it validates the behaviors of those fans that already act immature and inappropriate. They even get in on it. Throwing items onto the field, screaming at each other, little fights breaking out here and there in the stands, with no regard for the people next to them. There are kids at the game. Teenagers at the game. People at the game who are just trying to enjoy the great sport of baseball. They did not buy a ticket to watch a wrestling match, to watch someone use a ball as a 90 mile an hour weapon, or to run for their lives back to their cars. This is not okay.

Why is there so much hostility? Whatever happened to healthy competition that does not end in possible bloody noses and people getting dragged away off the field in an angry huff? Do the people involved in the fight feel good about themselves? Do they feel more of a man now because they can swing a fist in front of little kids? Families? Teammates?

All of those involved should be ashamed of themselves. They should walk back to their lockers with their tail between their legs. They should go home and try to explain what happened to their wives, to their kids. Tell them what kind of a man they are.

But sadly, what will probably happen is those players will just tell the media that they are “sorry”, that it should not have happened- saying whatever their agents probably write out for them. The same standard monotone apology. And blame the rules. Fix the rules, yeah that is the problem. Then they will go back to their teams like nothing happened while in the mean time, they have stirred up more anger among the people in the stands, brought more fear to kids, and disgraced the name of baseball.

Is that what a player wants next to their name forever in history? Involved in a fight? Could not handle an intense game? Just had no self-control?

Well, good job “men”. Way to go. I am so impressed.

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Baseball on Three Hours Sleep – The World Baseball Classic is Under Way!!!

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Baseball on Three Hours Sleep – The World Baseball Classic is Under Way!!!

Posted on 04 March 2013 by Trish Vignola

Bear with me here. I was up early, like 11pm EST early, watching the World Baseball Classic’s Opening Day. Chien-Ming Wang came out crazy strong, pitching Chinese Taipei (i.e. Taiwan) to their first win of the tournament. Wang is now the buzz of every General Manager in North America with a pitching slot to fill.


Anyone want to take the over/under on how quickly the New York Mets will screw this up?

As feel good as a story as Chinese Taipei is, that wasn’t the most exciting game of the day. Two-time defending champion Japan rallied to beat Brazil 5-3 in its opening game of the World Baseball Classic. You heard me…they had to rally.

Japan trailed 3-2 before adding three runs in the top of the eighth inning in front of a crowd of 28,181 at the Fukuoka Dome. Hirokazu Ibata came off the bench to tie the game with a single to right that scored Seiichi Uchikawa from second. Japan took a 4-3 lead when Ibata scored from third on a fielder’s choice and added an insurance run on Nobuhiro Matsuda’s single to center that scored Hisayoshi Chono.

“This was a very difficult game for us,” Japan manager Koji Yamamoto said, reported by the New York Daily News. “Brazil put up a very good fight. But we got some timely hits in the eighth and were able to make a comeback.” Brazil, managed by Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, looked ready to pull off an upset when the tournament debutantes took a 3-2 lead in the fifth inning on a double by Leonardo Reginatto that scored Paulo Orlando from second.

“These players love to compete,” Larkin said, reported by the New York Daily News. “They love a challenge and this was a challenge similar to the qualifiers when we beat Panama. I’m extremely proud of the way my players performed in this game.”

I’m not going to lie. If you didn’t catch this game, Brazil is a pretty exciting team and Barry Larkin looks mighty comfortable as a manager. I wonder if he’ll be in the conversation when the managerial merry-go-round begins midseason.

Japan now launches to the top of pool A, which includes 2006 runner-up Cuba and China. Two teams from the group will advance to the March 8-12 second round at Tokyo Dome with a chance to move on to the March 17-19 championship round in San Francisco. Japan pitcher Tadashi Settsu, who gave up one run on two hits over three innings of relief, picked up the win. Oscar Nakaoshi took the loss after giving up two runs in the eighth.

Japanese home-run king Sadaharu Oh, who managed the Japan team that won the first WBC, threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Brazil silenced the near-capacity crowd by taking the lead in the bottom of the first inning when Reginatto hit a sharp single to left that scored Orlando. Japan tied the game in the top of the third when Yoshio Itoi singled to right to score Hayato Sakamoto from second. The Japan took a 2-1 lead in the fourth on a sacrifice fly by Sakamoto that scored Ryoji Aikawa from third. Brazil tied it 2-2 in the bottom of the fourth when Reginatto doubled and scored on a close play at the plate on a shot to center by Reinaldo Sato.

With the Kingdom of the Netherlands actually producing the first upset of the tournament, handing 2009 runner-up Korea its first lost. This tournament is going to be pretty exciting. The heat is on for traditional powerhouses, like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United States. There are some new contenders in town. Brazil and the Netherlands are here to play and they aren’t going away quietly.

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World Baseball Classic Team USA Rosters

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World Baseball Classic Team USA Rosters

Posted on 15 January 2013 by Press Release


All 16 World Baseball Classic Provisional Rosters to be Announced on World Baseball Classic Roster Special Thursday Live at 4:00 p.m. ET

MLBLogo (1)

Secaucus, NJ, January 15, 2013 – The Team USA Provisional Roster for the 2013 World Baseball Classic will be announced on MLB Network’s Hot Stove this Thursday, January 17 live at 10:00 a.m. ET. Co-hosted by Matt Vasgersian and Bill Ripken, who was part of the 2009 Team USA coaching staff, Hot Stove will begin at 9:00 a.m. ET and break down Team USA and feature an interview with Team USA manager Joe Torre.

Later in the day, the remainder of the Provisional Rosters for the 16-team field will be announced on MLB Network during a World Baseball Classic Roster Special live at 4:00 p.m. ET. Co-hosted by MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger and Heidi Watney with Dan Plesac andBill Ripken, the one-hour special will analyze the entire 16-team field, look back at the history of the World Baseball Classic and feature interviews with Team USA pitching coach Greg Maddux and Team USA member and New York Mets third baseman David Wright. The show will also preview the tournament schedule as MLB Network will be the exclusive English-language broadcast partner for all 39 games of the 2013 World Baseball Classic in the United States from March 2-19.

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