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Line of the Day: Justin Verlander

Posted on 06 April 2012 by Daniel Aubain

Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers held the Boston Red Sox to two hits and no runs over eight innings, striking out seven and walking just one. The bullpen blew the save and Verlander’s win but the Tigers held on to a 3-2 victory.

Line: 8 IP | 2 H | 0 ER | 1 BB | 7 K; ND | QS

My fantasy perspective: Verlander seems to have picked up right where he left off from his 2011 Cy Young and MVP season. Over the last two weeks, he’s being drafted with an ADP of 9.68 on Mock Draft Central and and his ranking reflect that: ESPN #17; Yahoo! #20; CBS #10. Fantasy owners who invested early in him are sure to see a fantastic return on investment.

Agree? Disagree? Check out ESPN’s formula for determining the best daily performances and nominate your own Line of the Day player using the comments section below and/or hitting me up on Twitter @DJAubain.

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DOs And DONTs: Detroit Tigers

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DOs And DONTs: Detroit Tigers

Posted on 27 February 2012 by Jared Thatcher

This is a very hard article to write on the Detroit Tigers simply because there are so few DONTs on their Major League roster. This off-season they spent some big money signing Prince Fielder and have been in the discussion regarding some high profile international players. Let’s look at who you should draft and who you should let drift by.

Don’t expect anything less than an MVP season from staff ace Justin Verlander in 2012. He has all the makings of a future HOFer and is the reining AL MVP. Expect tons of strikeouts and over 20 wins this season for a powerful looking Tigers team. In most leagues he should not slip out of the first two rounds of your draft.

Do take Brennan Boesch as one of your everyday outfielders. He is young and really coming into his own with the bat. He has very big power potential as well as the ability to steal a few bases. Boesch should really come into his own this year and be an asset to your fantasy team.

Don’t take Austin Jackson before the 12th round of your draft. He might not be the lead-off man this year Detroit and but if your league offers points for steals, he may be a steal somewhere deep in the draft. The Tigers don’t really have any other choice in center field but be cautious how high you draft him.

Don’t forget to pick up Max Scherzer as your number 3 or 4 starter this year. He has a ridiculous 2-seam fastball and should strikeout a ton of batters this year. Control can sometimes be an issue but he should provide you with close to 200 innings and decent production. Scherzer’s win totals may jump up this year with a powerful offense behind him.

DO DO DO take Miguel Cabrera as your number 1 overall pick in 2012. He has third base eligibility and can flat out rake. With Prince Fielder hitting behind him he could contend for a triple crown sort of season this year. Don’t pass him up.

Don’t miss out on Prince Fielder in the first round of the draft. He should have lots of guys on base this year to drive in and the power will not be diminished in Detroit. Make him your number one target as a first baseman this year and enjoy the ride to the playoffs.

Do try to lay off the middle infielders for the Tigers this year. They won’t provide much production to your fantasy team.

Don’t forget about the Tigers young catcher, Alex Avila. He had a big year in 2011 and is looking to expand on that. He should be able to weather another long season at catcher and will provide your fantasy team with some nice offensive number for the catcher position.

Don’t take Victor Martinez in any of your leagues! In case you didn’t look at the headlines this past off season he is hurt and will not be back this season most likely. Instead try to talk the new guy into drafting him in the first round.

Don’t be afraid to get Jose Valverde as your closer. He closes out games and should have plenty of leads to protect this year.

Do pay attention to some of the young pitchers in the Tigers system. Rick Porcello is looking to have a solid, rebound year and should be fighting to stay in the lineup everyday. Jacob Turner might break camp with the Major League squad but he will probably be seasoned a bit more in the minors. Either way he should make an impact at the Major League level this year and he has lightning stuff.

Don’t forget about my favorite sleeper on the Tigers, Drew Smyly. In my opinion he is better than Jacob Turner and might even reach The Show before Turner. He has electric stuff but more importantly he has great control. He may be your very first waiver pickup if he breaks camp on the 25-man roster but if he doesn’t, put him on your watch list and wait for the call-up.

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When It’s Time To Oversleep – Alex Rodriguez

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When It’s Time To Oversleep – Alex Rodriguez

Posted on 12 February 2012 by Trish Vignola

A “sleeper” refers to a draft pick whose performance exceeds your expectations, a player who helps you ride the storm of 162 games.  If you are lucky to guess right on one or two sleepers in a season, you very well might find yourself in your league playoffs.  Part of choosing a great sleeper is knowledge, but part is frankly luck.

What about that player though who turns out to be a colossal disappointment?  You know the guy I’m talking about.  You worked so hard to draft him.  You traded away picks and players, but ultimately you bet on the wrong horse.   You now have to spend the rest of the season with your team bleeding, a poisonous roster spot and begging for someone to put you out of your misery.

Over the past week or so, I talked to you about sleepers you should take a chance on, players who could contribute to your roster without breaking the bank.  Nonetheless, what about players you should oversleep on? How do you avoid grabbing for the brass ring and finding out its only brass plated?

He might be a lock for Cooperstown, but the player you should oversleep on this season is Alex Rodriguez.  I know what you’re thinking.  Alex Rodriguez?  Does Madonna know about this?

A-Rod is a 14 time All Star, 3 time league MVP and makes more money per at bat than most of us will see in a year.  He is one of the greatest players to ever play the game, even with his admitted steroid use during his tenure with the Rangers.  Nonetheless, he’s 36 years old now.  His numbers have been steadily declining for the past three seasons.

Alex Rodriguez played in only 99 games last season.  In fact, he hasn’t played in more than 140 games in a season since 2007, his last MVP season.   He hit 16 homeruns with 62 RBIs in 2011.  It was by far his worst season since 1995.

A-Rod also has (or had) a severely troublesome right knee and left shoulder. That is another issue that should be addressed in your roster considerations.  On the recommendation of Kobe Bryant, Rodriguez went to Germany during the off-season for experimental surgery to try and resolve this.  Who knew Kobe Bryant was a reliable go-to for advice on joint and ligament damage?  Seriously though, Rodriguez tells ESPN Deportes that he expects to be a full time contributor at 3rd base in 2012.  You have to wonder how much of this is wishful thinking considering his age and injury history.

Alex Rodriguez could very well make a miraculous comeback in 2012.  However, it’s more likely he’s just going to be productive.  Will he contribute to your team’s batting average?  Of course he will.  However, will he contribute enough to merit an early draft pick?  Even if A-Rod can find a way to get into 100 or more games this year, he still won’t have numbers anywhere near his prime.  Rodriguez is not worth the gamble this fantasy baseball season, unless of course you have plans to go back in time and draft him circa 2005.

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