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Finding Keepers:San Francisco Giants

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Finding Keepers:San Francisco Giants

Posted on 26 March 2012 by Gary Marchese

The Giants won their first World Series in a long time in 2010.  They were looking at having a good season in 2011 and a chance to repeat.  They failed to even make the playoffs last year and are looking to bounce back this season.  They haven’t made too many dramatic changes since their World Title.  They basically have the same core of their team.  Here is a look at their team and some of the guys I would keep on my team if I was picking from their roster.

SP Tim Lincecum is a no brainer as a keeper.  He is one of the best in the game and he is a young pitcher that should keep on going for a long time.  He was 13-14 last year but had a 2.74 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP.  He is 69-41 in his career with a 2.98 ERA and a 1.19 WHIP.  Lincecum is one of the best in the game and it should stay that way for many years.

SP Matt Cain is another good young pitcher.  Matt Cain can become a free agent after this season so I would expect a huge year from him.  He was 12-11 with a 2.88 ERA last season.  He is 69-73 in his career with an ERA of 3.35 and a 1.20 WHIP.  I am not sure if Cain will be with the Giants or another team next year but he is a good pitcher who could thrive anywhere.

SP Madison Baumgarner is another good young pitcher that the Giants have on their team.  He was 13-13 last season with a 3.21 ERA.  He was 7-6 in 2010 with a 3.00 ERA.  He is 20-19 in his major league career with a 3.10 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP.  He is one of the good young pitchers that they have.  The reason you see such records is because the offense of their team has really struggled but their pitching is tops in the league.

Closer Brian Wilson, fear the beard.  He is a good closer who had 36 saves last season, the year before he had 48.  He had 41 saves in 2008 and 38 in 2009.  He is a guy that gets  you 35+ saves a year.  He might not be my first choice for closer but if he was on my team I wouldn’t get rid of him too easily.

C Buster Posey is coming off an injury but he should be fine and ready to go.  Posey burst onto the scene in 2010.  He hit 305 with 18 homeruns and 67 RBI in 108 games.  He only played in 45 games last season before getting injured.  He was hitting 284 with four homeruns and 21 RBI at the time of his injury.  He should be a good catcher for many years to come and I wouldn’t want to give up a guy with his talent.

1B Brandon Belt came up last year as the top Giants prospect.  He only hit 225 but did have nine homeruns and 18 RBI in 187 at bats.  He also three bases.  He isn’t a guy I would want to get rid of just yet especially in a keeper league.  He should continue to get better and has the tools to be a very good major league player.

CF Melky Cabrera is a pretty good player.  I don’t know if I would keep him around as a starter but I like to have him on the bench.  I have always liked him as a player.  He has a 275 career average and has some pop and could steal some bases.  I think he is a very useful player.  He played last year in Kansas City and hit 305 with 18 homeruns and 87 RBI.

3B Pablo Sandoval, the Kung Fu Panda.  He is a good young player.  He had a down year two years ago but bounced back nicely last year.  He hit 315 with 23 homeruns and 70 RBI last year.  The year before he hit 268 with 13 homeruns and 63 RBI.  He is a power hitter who usually hits for a pretty high average as well.  I would like him as my third baseman if he was on my team.

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