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Field of Streams: Fantasy Pitching Options

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Field of Streams: Fantasy Pitching Options

Posted on 15 April 2013 by Will Emerson

Well, the 2013 season is just about two weeks complete which means it’s time for the inaugural Field of Streams post! That’s right folks, you can tune in right here each week for a look at some viable, and even some not so viable, fantasy baseball streaming options for the upcoming week. Now, it is still a little tough early in the season to sort out what we can believe statistics wise, since the current sample size is rather miniscule. Nevertheless, I will press on to give you my, sometimes very sound, fantasy pitching advice. So now a look at some streaming options for the week of April 15th-April 21st!


Bud Norris, Astros- Yes, yes. If you have been following me at all, you probably know I have a soft spot for this big lug. Norris’ home numbers last season have been well documented by, well, me. This week he has two starts, one of which is at the Juice Box. Norris is already off to a very solid start this season, posting a sub two ERA through three starts. Of course his Ks/9 are down, sitting below seven and his BABIP is .231, so he has not been as lights out as the low ERA may indicate, but still, not a terrible start. Norris has a home start next weekend against the Tribe, which I have no problem green-lighting. Start number one of the week however is against Oakland, and the Athletics have been red hot at the plate, leading the majors in OPS. Norris did start one game against Oakland already and did not go so great. Now while only two of the five runs Norris gave up in that start were earned, his FIP for the game was up over six. So tread with extreme caution for that start but be ready to start him against Cleveland.

Erik Bedard, Astros- Yep, another Astro. Bedard is an intriguing case as we all know he still has some good stuff left that he shows every now and again. Bedard pitched four scoreless innings against Seattle which is promising, especially when his FIP for the game was only 2.15. The thing here though, is, he is facing the A’s this week and they have been hitting pretty darned well (see above), so I would recommend steering clear of Bedard for this week.

Jhoulys Chacin, Rockies- Chacin has had some good moments in his young MLB career and has stayed on my radar for spot starts for a good amount of time now. Jhoulys is sporting a 1.35 in this young season, but I’m sure he won’t continue that pace. Chacin’s 5.40 K/9, 3.75 xFIP and .216 BABIP thus far, certainly point in that direction. The K-rate is pretty much what can be expected, but what is promising this season thus far is his ability to keep the ball on the ground. So far in 2013 Chacin has managed a 54.8% ground ball rate, which is up almost 20% over last season. This could account for the much better xFIP, but the ERA should still hover closer to the high threes, low fours as the season progresses. This week Cahcin matches up against the Mets and Matt Harvey at Silver Bullet Stadium. Harvey has been fairly dazzling thus far and for reasons I cannot explain, the Metropolitans have been knocking the covers off of baseballs thus far in ’13. While I am sure this is by no means Jhoulys Chacin’s last appearance in Field of Streams, I would hold off on streaming him in the upcoming week.

Travis Wood, Cubs- It’s the wood that makes it good! I like Travis Wood fine, but as far as a fantasy pitching go-to guy, well he has never really had much of an impact. The brief numbers in ’13 are very promising. Wood has a 1.46 ERA, a 1.05 WHIP and a 7.30 K/9 which is quite good, wouldn’t ya say? But this is not completely out of nowhere. Since August 1st Wood has had a 3.34 ERA, which falls right in line with when the Cubs staff taught him a nifty little cut fastball. But before I make it seem like Woodsy is rosterable there are some flags here. Wood’s xFIP right now is 4.43 and his ground ball rate is at 35.3%, which is not great when you pitch about half of your games in a hitter friendly park like Wrigley. Since those numbers are similar to what he put up last season, it feels like that ERA is about to skyrocket at any time. Now he could still prove a viable streaming option throughout the season, but he has the Rangers this week and while many of them have not seen much of Wood, I would still say avoid him this week

Jeremy Guthrie, Royals- Guthrie has never been lights out, that is for darned sure, but he has, for the most part, been a very solid and consistent pitcher. Guthrie is off to one of those solid starts with KC this season, posting a 3.55 ERA and a 1.03 WHIP with a nice little 7.82 number in the K/9 column. An xFIP of 3.54 shows that the ERA is probably where is should be, but based on career numbers the Ks will fall off a bit. Guthrie should be good for a spot start here and there, but this week he draws the Bravos, who are playing some good baseball right now, so actually, not here. So as far as Guthrie is concerned this week, I would say hands off, boys and girls.

Ervin Santana, Royals- Could this be the return of Big Erv? Santana has looked good in his first two starts of 2013. Obviously a small sample size, but you have to like the 3.21 ERA, 1.07 WHIP and 9.64 K/9 Big Erv is sporting in the early goings, but can we believe his turnaround? Well, his xFIP is 3.23, so what Santana’s doing right now, just may be legit. Ervin’s groundball rate is just a hair under 35%, but if he can manage to keep that K-rate he can get away with this. Problem is, only once in his big league career has Big Erv posted a K/9 over eight, so it is tough to say whether or not the strikeouts are for real. I would definitely keep an eye on Santana, but he heads to Fenway this week and that could spell trouble. I would watch Big Erv closely, but would be wary of starting him against the BoSox.

Jake Westbrook, Cardinals- Probably not a name you expected to see on here, but what you may not have noticed is, good ol’ Jake has thrown 15 and two-thirds scoreless innings to starts this season. Now that is the kind of number that will jump right out at you when you’re hunting for streaming options, but you may want to hold up on pulling the trigger here. Westbrook has posted an xFIP of 5.52, a WHIP of 1.34, a 2.30 K/9 and a .212 BABIP. Not one of those numbers points to Westbrook being a viable fantasy pitching option, even if he does draw the Pirates this week. While only the Marlins have scored fewer runs than the Buccos and no team in the majors has a worse OPS, they have started to show signs of life on offense. So while a guy with a 0.00 ERA against a team who has not scored many runs this season seems appetizing and all, I would recommend staying away from this trap game.

Eric Stults, Padres- I immediately think of Eric Stoltz every time I hear or read the name, Eric Stults, which is obviously a major plus for him. Add in the fact he has a 9.90 K/9 and an xFIP of 2.79 thus far and my curiosity is heightened. The K/9 is way above what is expected from Stults and will most likely fall, but that sub three ERA last season and a ground ball rate around 60% should not make that too much of a concern. Stults sgould get two starts this week, against division foes Los Angeles and San Francisco, but away from Petco. Luckily neither one of these parks is all that hitter friendly, so Stults could do alright. My one concern is that the Dodgers have been quiet on the run scoring front thus far and with the collection of hitters they have, they are due for a breakout. Plus, Stults already gave up four earned runs in five innings this season against the Dodgers. That aside, I am giving the nod to stream Stults this week, but not as wholeheartedly for that Dodgers game.

Garrett Richards, Angels- Young Mister Richards has looked fantastic out of the gate. A 2.08 ERA, .92 WHIP and 10.38 K/9 are ace numbers for sure. A 1.81 xFIP and 58.3% GB rate point to the digits he’s posting thus far being, well, the real deal. Richards has been lights out and it looks like, for now at least, he can keep it up. Richards starts this week against the Tigers and Justin Verlander. A tough matchup for sure, but I like his chances this week. I say stream away on Richards. In fact, you may just want to keep him on your roster for awhile.

So there you have it, your first Field of Streams of 2013. Now, as I said it is tough this early in the season to get a great read on what numbers to believe, but you can start to formulate some opinions. Tune in next week when, hopefully, I have more viable than non-viable streaming options. Well keep, keep on truckin’, I guess.

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Field Of Streams: Fantasy Baseball Pitching Options

Posted on 05 August 2012 by Will Emerson

Welcome to Field Of Streams, a weekly look at some viable and, possibly, some non-viable, streaming options for your fantasy team(s) in the upcoming week. Fantasy leagues are in the home stretch and if you’re in the playoff hunt, it is time to be savvy, get crafty and stream away! All of these pitchers are owned by less than half of ESPN and Yahoo fantasy owners, meaning there is a good chance you will be able to snag ‘em. So without further ado, here’s a look at your best streaming options for the week of 8/6-8/12:

Erik Bedard (PIT- Yes, THE Erik Bedard! You see, the Pittsburgh Pirates, as hard as it may be to believe for most, are in the playoff hunt. Their offense has been getting it done, so the run support is definitely there for Mr. Bedard. Plus, he gets two starts this week at home; one against the Arizona Diamondbacks and one against the San Diego Padres. Now, against the D’Backs, anything could happen but the Padres are no offensive juggernaut by any means. But if you need further convincing and, you know, stastical backing to support the case for streaming Bedard, well then, okay. Here are the numbers he has put up this year at PNC Park- 2.72 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 7.61 K/9 and a 2.99 FIP. So if you are in a daily league and that Diamondbacks game has you nervous, I’d say at least expect great things against the Padres. (8.7% owned in ESPN and 26% in Yahoo!)

Chris Tillman (BAL) - Owned by less than 6% of users in ESPN and Yahoo fantasy leagues, Tillman could be a great pickup this week. Another two start picther, Tillman will take the bump at home against the Seattle Mariners and the Kansas City Royals. Both the Mariners and the Royals are in the bottom four of the AL in runs scored and in the bottom half of the AL in pretty much every other major offensive category. His ERA in his stint time this year is 2.70 and his FIP is 3.57. Now, if you look at the projections for Tillman, his numbers are bound to regress and his K/9 is a bit low for my comfort, but his average fastball has been around 95 MPH and his swing and miss rate is double what it was last year and that is a good sign for the 24 year-old. Sure, Tillman may a bit riskier than others, since his decentness this year is through a small sample size, so proceed with caution. But if you are in a deep or AL-only league, he is worth a look . (2.1% owned in ESPN and 5% in Yahoo!)

Ross Detwiler (WAS) - On the surface, the talented Mr. Detwiler will not blow you away with his numbers; a K/9 just over 6, an xFIP just over 4, a WHIP of 1.21 and a BABIP of .274. BUT, he has two starts this week and the first is against the Houston Astros. At this point there are not a lot of pitchers I would not recommend throwing out there against the Astros. Yes, that was a double negative and it was intended. Stream away against Houston, who as been “Astro”-nomically bad lately. And by lately I mean pretty much all season. Houston won a total of three games in July and in 19 of those 27 games they scored 3 or fewer runs. So grab Detwiler against Houston and enjoy reaping all of the benefits! (17.4% owned in ESPN and 24% in Yahoo!)

Mike Minor (ATL) - Minor has been a major stud lately! Over his last 5 starts he has tossed 31 innings, striking out 27 batters, allowing just 18 hits and 6 earned runs, while allowing only 6 free passes. In July he sported an ERA of 1.98, while striking out just over eight and a half batters per nine innings, with a WHIP of  .73. Now the ERA is bound to rise closer to the low or mid-threes, but the Ks are legit and so is Minor. The only major concern with his start this week is it will take place in Citizen’s Bank Park, but I am pretty sure he is worth the risk. Not only is Minor a good streaming option, but you may want to hold on to him for the stretch run as well.  (49% owned in ESPN and 37% in Yahoo!)

Jeff Samardzija (CHC) - I am honestly a bit baffled that Samardzija is not owned more. Although he is owned by more than 40% in both ESPN and Yahoo!, it’s hard for me to understand how a pitcher rocking a K/9 over 8 can be so widely overlooked. Here’s what Samardzija did in July: 1.91 ERA, 1.03 WHIP and a 9.82 K/9. Now, I am not saying that will be the norm, by any stretch of the imagaination as his .231 BABIP in July points to a regression down the stretch, but on the season his BABIP is right in line with the league average. Throw in the fact that he will pitch against the San Diego Padres at Petco this week and he becomes a double dip stream dream! (45.5% owned in ESPN and 44% in Yahoo!)

Marco Estrada (MIL) - Well for starters, Marco is facing the Astros (see Detwiler, Ross) this week. But I’m not here to pile on the Astros. In fact I will give the Astros some love momentarliy, so stay tuned for that. As far as Marco is concerned, he had me at his 9.76 K/9 on the season. Boy do I love me some good K/9 numbers! His 3.44 xFIP and 1.13 WHIP ain’t too shabby neither. Needless to say, you gotta like his chances against the lowly Astros. (2.3% owned in ESPN and 8% in Yahoo!)

Bud Norris (HOU) - As promised, time for some Astro love. Astro love? Sounds like a title of some awful SyFy orignal movie, am I right? Sorry, I digress. I have always been a big fan of Bud because of his monster K/9 numbers. Now Bud’s not about to be a Cy Young contender, well, probably ever, but he is a great stream option, especially at home. At the Juice Box he has an ERA of 2.12, a 1.05 WHIP, a 10.61 K/9 and an xFIP of 2.96, which would be Cy Young numbers if it were over a full season. If you have the room to stash him for home starts I would highly recommend it! (29.1% owned in ESPN and 35% in Yahoo!)

Franklin Morales (BOS) - Bobby V. is putting Frankie M. back in the rotation and you should pounce quickly! In his previous short stint as a starter for the Boston Red Sox, Morales was superb apart from a bump in the road against the New York Yankees. In his games started, aside from the Yankees game, Morales allowed four earned runs, struck out 29 batters, allowed just 16 hits and six free passes in 25 innings. That is darned impressive to say the least. Even better news is, he is not facing the Yankees this week, he is facing the Cleveland Indians. Stream him and enjoy! (2.5% owned in ESPN and 9% in Yahoo!)

Lucas Harrell (HOU) - Astro Love 2? Bet you were not expecting a sequel, right? Harrell’s numbers are not impressive to the naked or, for that matter, the clothed eye, but when you dig deeper you find another Astros picther who is far better at home. At home Harrell has an ERA of 2.02, a WHIP of 1.21 and a K/9 of right around seven. Even better are young Lucas’ July numbers. A 3.03 ERA, and a K/9 over nine! Now he does not have the easiest of draws this week against the Washington Nationals, but he fared well against that now potent Pittsburgh Pirate offense not too far back, so I say give him a whirl.  (2.6% owned in ESPN and 8% in Yahoo!)

THE QUALITY START KIDS: Freddy Garcia (NYY), Jake Westbrook (STL) AND Aaron Harang (LAD) These are three picthers that are stream options because they have a favorbale chance at a “W” this week, but will more than likely not put up any eye-popping numbers whilst getting said “W”. All of these guys can be expected to get a quality start, but almost the exact definition of a QS, six innings and three earned runs or so. So streaming them is not without risks. Stream with caution depending on the stats you need. Garcia (1.3% owned in ESPN and 6% in Yahoo!), Westbrook (28.3% owned in ESPN and 29% in Yahoo!), Harang (10.7% owned in ESPN and 21% in Yahoo!)

So there you have it, the first edition of  Field Of Streams pretty much in the books! So what did we learn? 1) Stream against the Astros, unless the stars of Astro Love or Astro Love 2 are involved, B) Ks/9 are your best friends, 4) Erik Bedard still has value and F) there are veterans out there that can still serve a purpose. Good day and godspeed!

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NL Pitching Planner:  May 14 – May 20

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NL Pitching Planner: May 14 – May 20

Posted on 13 May 2012 by Mark Sherrard

Will a full slate of games for all NL teams, there is an abundance of two start pitchers to choose from this week.  So, let’s get right to it.  Here are your Week 7 two-start pitchers and favorable matchups:

Two-Start Pitchers


Clayton Kershaw: 5/14 vs ARI; 5/19 vs STL – he should never be on your bench, especially not when he has two starts.

Cliff Lee:  5/15 vs HOU; 5/20 vs BOS – pitched well in return from DL and facing the Astros should help

Zack Greinke:  5/15 @ NYM; 5/19 vs MIN – pitching even better than his 3.35 ERA would indicate

Stephen Strasburg:  5/15 vs SD; 5/20 vs BAL – one of the main reasons the Nats are in first place

Johnny Cueto:  5/15 @ ATL; 5/20 vs NYY – does not strike out a lot of batters, but doesn’t walk many either

No-brainer results

Week 5 – 6 GS, 6 QS, 1 W, 41.1 IP, 48 H+BB, 35 K’s, 13 ER, 2.83 ERA, 1.16 whip

YTD – 23 GS, 20 QS, 7 W, 148.0 IP, 166 H+BB, 143 K’s, 44 ER, 2.68 ERA, 1.12 whip

Not Too Shabby

Tim Lincecum:  5/15 vs COL; 5/20 vs OAK – no longer a no-brainer, but still a solid two-start option

Yovani Gallardo: 5/14 @ NYM; 5/19 vs MIN – a couple bad starts against STL, but has pitched well against everyone else

Ian Kennedy:  5/14 @ LAD; 5/19 @ KC – only really bad start was against STL (sound familiar?)

Josh Johnson: 5/15 vs PIT; 5/20 @ CLE – 4 QS in 7 GS, not exactly ace worthy, but not bad either

Anibal Sanchez: 5/14 vs PIT; 5/19 @ CLE – is he the real ace of the Marlins?

Ryan Dempster: 5/14 vs STL; 5/19 @ CHW – tough matchup against STL, but with a 1.02 ERA so far, I’ll take my chances

Erik Bedard: 5/14 @ MIA; 5/19 @ DET – may be questionable for his 5/14 start with sore back

Kyle Lohse: 5/15 vs CHC; 5/20 @ LAD – keeps getting the job done despite lack of overpowering stuff

Tim Hudson: 5/15 vs CIN; 5/20 @ TB – only poor start was at COL.  Can’t blame him for that.

Ryan Vogelsong: 5/14 vs COL; 5/19 vs OAK – COL doesn’t hit on the road and OAK just doesn’t hit

Jake Westbrook: 5/14 vs CHC; 5/19 @ LAD – has thrown quality starts in 5 of 6 outings so far

Paul Maholm: 5/15 @ STL; 5/20 vs CHW – has strung together 4 straight quality starts, but faces a tough STL lineup

Joe Blanton:  5/14 vs HOU; 5/19 vs BOS – pitching well but faces a resurgent Astros team and struggling Red Sox team

Kevin Correia: 5/15 @ MIA; 5/20 @ DET – won’t strike out many or win many, but won’t kill your ERA or whip

Ross Detwiler: 5/14 vs SD; 5/19 vs BAL – would the Nats really bump him for Chien-Ming Wang?

Anthony Bass: 5/15 @ WAS; 5/20 vs LAA – 2.37 ERA in 87.1 IP, including 2.45 ERA on the road

Wade Miley:  5/15 @ LAD; 5/20 @ KC – has impressed so far after replacing Josh Collmenter in the rotation

Christian Friedrich: 5/15 @ SF; 5/20 vs SEA – a couple nice matchups for the rookie

Not to shabby results

Week 5 – 25 GS, 15 QS, 10 W, 165.0 IP, 222 H+BB, 121 K’s, 78 ER, 4.25 ERA, 1.35 whip

YTD – 87 GS, 58 QS, 34 W, 547.2 IP, 665 H+BB, 414 K’s, 195 ER, 3.20 ERA, 1.21 whip

Risky at Best

Chad Billingsley: 5/15 vs ARI; 5/20 vs STL – has Mattingly lost confidence in him?  Pulled in 4th in last game behind only 3-2

Homer Bailey: 5/14 @ ATL, 5/19 @ NYY – consistently inconsistent

Dillon Gee: 5/15 vs MIL; 5/20 @ TOR – has not done enough to earn my trust yet

Randall Delgado:  5/14 vs CIN; 5/19 @ TB – has bounced back well from rough April, but I’m not convinced yet

Jeff Suppan: 5/14 @ WAS; 5/19 vs LAA – a couple nice starts, but let’s see what he does on the road

Miguel Batista: 5/14 vs MIL; 5/19 @ TOR – should have kept him in the bullpen

Alex White:  5/14 @ SF; 5/19 vs SEA – a couple nice matchups, but needs to prove himself after last year’s 8.42 ERA

Risky at best results

Week 5 – 6 GS, 2 QS, 1 W, 37.0 IP, 58 H+BB, 25 K’s, 24 ER, 5.84 ERA, 1.57 whip

YTD – 31 GS, 15 QS, 9 W, 188.3 IP, 251 H+BB, 127 K’s, 98 ER, 4.68 ERA, 1.33 whip

Other Favorable Matchups

Matt Garza: 5/16 vs PHI

The Cubs ace is 2-1 with an 0.96 ERA against the Phillies

Shaun Marcum: 5/17 @ HOU

Marcum is 2-0 with a 2.52 ERA against the Astros

Cole Hamels: 5/18 vs BOS

Hamels is 3-0 with a career ERA of 1.44 against the Red Sox

Other favorable matchups results

Week 5 – 3 GS, 2 QS, 2 W, 21.3 IP, 29 H+BB, 14 K’s, 12 ER, 5.06 ERA, 1.36 whip

YTD – 14 GS, 8 QS, 9 W, 87.3 IP, 111 H+BB, 74 K’s, 31 ER, 3.19 ERA, 1.27 whip

Up next is the AL.

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National League pitching planner: April 16 – April 22

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National League pitching planner: April 16 – April 22

Posted on 14 April 2012 by Mark Sherrard

Week 2 is winding down and its time to starting planning for week 3.  Here are the two start pitchers and those with favorable matchups for week 3:

Two Start Pitchers

No brainers

Roy Halladay: 4/16 @ SF; 4/21 @ SD

Stephen Strasburg: 4/16 vs Hou; 4/21 vs Mia

Josh Johnson: 4/17 vs ChC; 4/22 @ Was

Tim Lincecum: 4/16 vs Phi; 4/22 @NYM

Johnny Cueto: 4/17 vs Stl; 4/22 @ChC

All 5 of these guys are aces and should never leave your starting lineup, especially when they have two starts in a week.

Not too shabby

Erik Bedard: 4/16 @ Ari; 4/22 vs Stl

Chad Billingsley: 4/17 @ Mil; 4/22 @ Hou

Joe Blanton: 4/17 @ SF; 4/22 @ SD

Randall Delgado: 4/17 vs NYM; 4/22 @ Ari

Ryan Dempster: 4/17 @ Mia; 4/22 vs Cin

Yovani Gallardo: 4/17 vs LAD; 4/22 vs Col

Gio Gonzalez: 4/17 vs Hou; 4/22 vs Mia

Tommy Hanson: 4/16 vs NYM; 4/21 @ Ari

Ian Kennedy: 4/17 vs Pit; 4/22 vs Atl

Kyle Lohse: 4/17 vs Cin; 4/22 @ Pit

Cory Luebke: 4/16 @ Col; 4/21 vs Phi

Wandy Rodriguez: 4/17 @ Was; 4/22 vs LAD

These are quality pitchers with at least one out of their two starts favorable.  They should definitely help your team this week.

Risky at best

Dillon Gee: 4/16 @ Atl; 4/22 vs SF

Jeremy Guthrie: 4/16 vs SD; 4/22 @ Mil

Joe Saunders: 4/16 vs Pit; 4/21 vs Atl

Kyle Weiland: 4/16 @ Was; 4/21 vs LAD

These are inconsistent or unproven starters.  They could help you this week, but the risk outweighs the potential reward.

Other Favorable Matchups

Johan Santana: 4/17 @ Atl

Santana appears to be fully recovered from his shoulder issues and has a career 2.14 ERA against the Braves.

Cliff Lee: 4/18 @ SF

Lee is 4-0 with a minuscule 0.82 ERA against the Giants in his career.

Ricky Nolasco: 4/19 vs ChC

He has a career ERA of 2.57 against his former team, gets to pitch in his spacious home park and the Cubs are rebuilding.  He’s in my lineup.

Cole Hamels: 4/20 @ SD

Hamels is 6-2 with a 2.28 ERA in his career against the Padres and gets the added benefit of pitching in Petco.

Clayton Kershaw: 4/21 @ Hou

Kershaw may not have the best career ERA against (3.19) of this group, but Houston is not much more than a AAA team this year.

Tomorrow, I’ll take a look at the AL pitching matchups.


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NL Pitching Planner:  April 9 – April 15

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NL Pitching Planner: April 9 – April 15

Posted on 07 April 2012 by Mark Sherrard

The 2012 season is already underway and has featured many quality starts so far. In the NL, Kyle Lohse, Tommy Hanson, Johan Santana, Roy Halladay, Erik Bedard, Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Dempster and Johnny Cueto have all given up one or less runs in their first starts.

For those of you in weekly or head-to-head leagues, decision time is looming for your starters for next week. Here’s a look at the two start pitchers and those with favorable matchups for week 2 for the NL.

Two Start Pitchers


Clayton Kershaw: 4/10 vs Pit; 4/15 vs SD

Cole Hamels: 4/9 vs Mia; 4/15 vs NYM

Shaun Marcum: 4/9 @ ChC; 4/14 @ Atl

Kershaw should be in your starting lineup at all times, but especially when facing the likes of Pittsburgh and San Diego.  Hamels gets to square off against a rebuilding Mets team and a Marlins team that has started slowly out of the gate.  Marcum gets to face the AAA Cubs and an Atlanta team that recently has not been known for its offense.

Not too shabby

Brandon Beachy: 4/9 @ Hou; 4/15 vs Mil

Trevor Cahill: 4/10 @ SD; 4/15 @ Col

Jhoulys Chacin: 4/9 vs SF; 4/15 vs Ari

Kevin Correia: 4/10 @ LAD; 4/15 @ SF

Edwin Jackson: 4/9 @ NYM; 4/14 vs Cin

Mike Leake: 4/10 vs Stl; 4/15 @ Was

Mike Pelfrey: 4/9 vs Was; 4/15 @ Phi

Anibal Sanchez: 4/9 @ Phi; 4/15 vs Hou

Jake Westbrook: 4/9 @ Cin; 4/14 vs Chi

All of these pitchers have at least one start against a shaky offense or have pitched well against their opponents in the past.  I particularly like the matchups for Beachy and Chacin.

Shaky at best

Homer Bailey: 4/9 vs Stl; 4/14 @ Was

Ross Detwiler: 4/10 @ NYM; 4/15 vs Cin

J.A. Happ: 4/9 vs Atl; 4/15 @ Mia

Paul Maholm: 4/10 vs Mil; 4/15 @ Stl

Chris Narveson: 4/10 vs ChC; 4/15 @ Atl

Chris Volstad: 4/9 vs Mil; 4/14 @ Stl

Barry Zito: 4/9 @ Col; 4/14 vs Pit

Most of these guys are just not strong enough pitchers to take a chance on or are too inconsistent to rely on.  Its best to avoid them or risk getting burned.

Other Favorable Matchups

Tommy Hanson: 4/11 @ Hou

Pretty much any pitcher against the Astros is a favorable matchup, but considering that Hanson has a career 0.97 ERA against them, its especially so.

Roy Halladay: 4/11 vs Mia

Halladay is a good start against practically everyone and with a career 2.51 ERA against the Marlins, there is no reason to sit him.

Ian Kennedy: 4/12 @ SD

Kennedy holds a career ERA of 2.01 against the Padres and benefits from pitching in Petco for this matchup.

Ricky Nolasco: 4/13 vs Hou and Carlos Zambrano: 4/14 vs Hou

Not only do Nolasco and Zambrano get to face the lowly Astros, but they get to do so in their home park, which is already getting a reputation as a pitchers’ park.

Coming up we’ll take a look at the AL pitchers’ matchups.

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