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An Open Letter To My Fantasy Baseball Team

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An Open Letter To My Fantasy Baseball Team

Posted on 23 April 2013 by Trish Vignola

Dear Team “Beat with an Uggla Stick,”

Yovani Gallardo, Milwaukee Brewers, must frustrating pitcher ever?

Hi,there! Remember me? I’m Trish, your general manager. I’ve given you the finest in fantasy facilities. I even forwent telling your fantasy girlfriends about your fantasy wives. I’ve treated you well.

So, riddle me this…why are you falling apart on me so early in the season?!

First, Yovani Gallardo – what are you doing? CBSSports.com projected that you were good to give me 205 innings and 18 wins. Do you know what you’ve given me so far? 7 points in three weeks and a DUI charge. A DUI charge?! If I wanted prospective prolonged absences due to legal issues, I would have kept Ryan Braun! You of course are one of my keepers. Nonetheless, you are useless to me when you have to miss a game due to a court date. It looks like you’ll be ridding my fantasy pine for a while.

Next, Josh Hamilton – which personality are you working with today? You gave me 9 points the first week, 23 the next week and -1 the next. Negative one! I didn’t even know you could do that. CBS Sports says that you cites an adjustment period behind your slow start. An adjustment period? I’m starting a new job. I get an adjustment period. You have a 5-year, $125 million contract. You doesn’t get an adjustment period.

Your adjustment period has resulted in 10 strikeouts and just one hit in your first stretch of games. Your 3-for-4 performance on Sunday lifted your batting average above .200 for the first time this season.

“Of course, there’s always an adjustment,” you told MLB.com on Sunday. I’m starting to hate that word.

“You go to spring training and you think you’re adjusted and then you make another move. You had to bring the family to L.A., had to get settled in and get in a routine as far as finding where things are around the stadium. It’s just a process. It’s been good to get into routine.” Really? Get a map.

I’m not going to start on Barry Zito and your atrocious outing this week. You were going to have to lose at some point. However, let’s discuss you, Ryan Vogelsong. You are another one who found new and exciting ways to give me negative points. Really?! However, I’m not giving up on you yet. You struggled last April before turning things around in May. Apparently, it’s normal for you to deal with reduced velocity early in the year. Last season, you were only throwing in the high-80s early in the season. By September, you were hitting between 92 and 94 mph with your fastball. I won’t cut you loose after just two starts. However, you don’t have until September to get warmed up. If I don’t see drastic change happening soon, you might see yourself on the bench next to that dummy Gallardo.

In my fantasy Steinbrenner days, I would have backed the fantasy truck up on my fantasy baseball team a week ago. I’m hanging tough for now. Nonetheless, Willin Rosario cannot hit for the entire team. If things don’t start improving soon, I will ignite a fire sale that would make the Marlins organization blush.

Love Always,

Your General Manager

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Baseball’s Best Kept Secret – Emilio Bonifacio

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Baseball’s Best Kept Secret – Emilio Bonifacio

Posted on 16 February 2012 by Trish Vignola

The Miami Marlins may have a new name, a new uniform and a new look, but what’s going to happen when a ball is hit to center?  The news broke this Monday (February 13th) that outfielder Yoenis Cespedes agreed to a four-year contract with the A’s thus turning down Miami’s offer. CBS Sports presumes that means Emilio Bonifacio will start in center field for the newly minted Miami Marlins. They cite new manager Ozzie Guillen’s interview with a Miami radio station, “Bonifacio would’ve have been my center fielder no matter if Cespedes was here.”  Guillen continued, “If Cespedes (came) to the Marlins, he would have had to make the ball club.” Guillen is great for a sound bite.  However, is Bonifacio an actual lock for the position?

How soon we forget Chris Coghlan?  Two years ago, he was National League Rookie of the Year.  He also was technically the Marlins’ everyday center fielder at the start of last season. However, an injury-plagued 2010 and inconsistent play in 2011 landed the 26-year-old in the Minor Leagues.  One has to ask if Coghlan can find a way to regain his 2009 form (.321 average, 9 HR, 47 RBI), could he throw a wrench in Guillen’s plans for Bonifacio?  He is young enough to still pull it together.

Let’s face it. Emilio Bonifacio had some pretty underwhelming career numbers until Jack McKeon took over the team last year.  Once McKeon turned him loose, Bonifacio was a completely different player.  In 89 games, he hit .310 and stole 36 bases.  Didn’t hear about it?  Why would you?  There are like 8 people at a typical Marlins home game.

With Reyes joining the core and Guillen’s reputation for turning his speedsters loose, Bonifacio looks to continue on his breakneck pace.  AccuScore is predicting 585 AB, 4 home runs, a .280 average, 44 RBIs and a whopping 42 stolen bases.  Bonifacio could be one of the best-kept secrets in Baseball.

No matter what Guillen is saying now, he has to know there are two center fielders jockeying for this spot.  Coghlan is definitely behind the eight ball but he’s still healthy enough to compete.  My money though is on Bonifacio. He hasn’t anywhere near the injuries of Coghlan and has been the picture of consistency since mid-2011.  The only strike against Bonifacio is that he has too many people waiting in the wings to take his spot.  I still predict though that Bonifacio will be starting in center on Opening Day.

So what does this mean to your fantasy baseball team?  If Bonifacio can make the roster, grab him.  If he falls to the middle, you would be absolutely insane to not take him.  He can play center, shortstop and 3rd base as well.  He’s not going to be a big bopper, but he is going to hit for some average and will steal you some major bases.  If Coghlan fades, which I predict he will, Bonifacio will be the biggest bargain of the season.  Why?  Because no one knows how well he plays…yet.





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