OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 5

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 5

Posted on 07 April 2012 by Out Of The Park

OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 5:
Storylines – Interactive Narratives Drive OOTP 13

Storylines have been a major part of OOTP since version 11, and they”ve received a major revamp in OOTP 13. All of us love to follow baseball”s on- and off-field drama, so Storylines let you do the same in your league, with the added bonus that now they”re interactive. (If Storylines aren”t your thing, you can easily turn them off.)

Storylines – An Introduction

Launched in OOTP 11 and now further refined in OOTP 13, Storylines give immersive depth to the algorithm-based world of news in the OOTP Universe. They provide a way for OOTP to create either simple or complex series of stories that can have deeply meaningful impacts on players and their teams throughout the game.

Let”s get started with a little back story: As with most things in OOTP, Storylines were conceived as a way to add flowing, non-game-engine-generated narratives to OOTP leagues. Storylines started as a simple concept that became more complex once work began adding the feature to the game, mostly due to the fact that it has to tie into one of (if not the most) powerful and complex game engines out there.

Now more than just off-field injuries

In past releases of OOTP, Storylines were mainly focused on the area of off-field injuries. Have you seen a note that a player was hurt changing the tires on his car? Or maybe that he missed a few games after shocking himself? Well, those were Storylines. There were, however, numerous non-injury-related stories present too. Maybe you read about a player who made a TV commercial selling cars. Or a dispute over a player”s age that was causing some controversy. Those were Storylines too. And if you liked those, you”ll like what”s in store for OOTP 13.

We”ve expanded the number of Storylines in the game, not only in content, but also reaching further beyond off-field injuries. Storylines involving players” habits off the field, such as driving an RV to the stadium parking lot, might just appear in your league. You might also read about managers making TV appearances on late night De fem spillprodusentene er:Net Entertainment, Microgaming og Betsoft er tre kjente spillprodusenter med spill du helt sikkert kjenner igjen fra andre casino online er. TV, or even players caught doing things they probably shouldn”t have been doing. All types of interesting, creative and sometimes funny stories are waiting to be told in OOTP 13.

OOTP 13 Adds Interactive Storylines!

While past versions of the Storyline Engine left the content and outcome of the Storyline in the hands of OOTP authors, OOTP 13 adds a new dimension to this exciting feature, Interactive Storylines. These are storylines that ask YOU to decide the final outcome of the story. For example: Say you have Carlos Zambrano on your team (for which I”m sorry). Now let”s say as the season has progressed you”ve been reading an casino online ever-evolving Storyline where Big Z has been becoming increasingly hostile to his teammates, his manager, and the team”s fans. After several on-field outbursts, his growing casino lack of anger control results in a dugout confrontation between himself and his current battery mate. It”s at this point that the Storyline will ask you, the user, to select from one of four disciplinary options:

  • Do nothing: let Big Z be Big Z
  • Suspend him
  • Trade him
  • Drop him like a bad habit

What will you decide? And more importantly, what effects will your decision have on Big Z and your club as a whole? Only you will know, because the power to choose the outcome will now be in YOUR hands! How cool is that?

The OOTP development team has also added new features to Storylines to help the authoring team present more random types of Storylines articles, resulting in even more kinds of immersive stories for your favorite OOTP players.

Have you ever wondered how Storylines work?

Storylines are run in the game by the Storyline Engine. This works in conjunction with the Game Engine, which powers the sim at the heart of the game, to trigger the execution of these narratives. The Storyline content itself is created and stored using a proprietary XML-based format. Want to know the specs of this format? No problem: there”s a public Google Doc that documents the specifications of the format.

Each individual Storyline is made up of one or more individual news articles. These articles contain the subject and text content you see in the game. They also contain connections to one or more other articles and can be chained together into complex and far-reaching “trees” of articles that can span days, months or even years within the game. The possibilities of where article begin, venture to, and eventually end are limitless. Copious options allow storyline authors to custom-tune their articles to appear under very broad or very specific conditions.

Getting Involved

If you think you have a great idea for a Storyline and you have a little bit of technical savvy in your blood, the OOTP Storylines XML Specification is a starting point for understanding the structure of the Storyline XML format used by the engine to generate Storylines in the game. You can add to the default_storylines XML document that ships with OOTP 13 or you can create your own custom XML file and import it into the game!

Storylines have been an ever-growing and evolving feature of the game and will really help bring your OOTP league to an even greater depth of immersion with OOTP 13.

OTP 13 puts a host of new tools, a redesigned user interface and countless functional improvements under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the making. Come play it your way!

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 4:

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 4:

Posted on 06 April 2012 by Out Of The Park

OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 4:
Feature Cornucopia

The latest version of OOTP brings with it the promise of new features, much like the way a new baseball season brings with it the promise that any team could win the World Series. We”ve already covered some major new features in OOTP 13 — the real-time sim mode, associations, expanded playoff options, the new in-game screens and the revamped user interface — so now let”s dive into the cornucopia of other new features in the game.

Screenshots taken use the second skin that comes with the game, it is called “OOTP 13 Dark”. The game will come with a third skin, which will be a classic skin with a wooden look. We will have a look at it in one of the next RTR articles.

Smarter Trading AI

Have you ever worked out a trade against the AI in a solo league that was, let”s say, a little one-sided in your favor? Say, like getting Albert Pujols for ten Single A scrubs with no major league potential whatsoever? Or whitewashing the AI for several three- and four-star players for a decent A-Ball prospect, several nobody veterans and loads of cash? Or tricking the AI into taking your overpaid 38-year-old veteran because it asked for a one-star Single A prospect after you used the “Make this work” option?

Well, we hope you enjoyed the fruits of those deals, because those days are over.

In OOTP 13, Trading has been dramatically revamped to provide a better system Ruby Fortune kasino on yksi verkon luotetuimmista kasinoista, josta kuuluu kiitos aina avoinna olevalle asiakaspalvelulle. for the AI to evaluate the players involved in a trade and correctly measure their value. This brings a new level of trading realism and difficulty. You”ll need to really work hard and be a smart negotiator to pull off that blockbuster, once-in-generation deal.

Did you see Moneyball? Billy Beane had to work to pull off even a simple one-for-one trade, and now so will you.

Random Historical Player Debut

Can you imagine comThe Estádio do Maracanã, free from the construction-jobs.info delays in São Paulo and deplorable field conditions in Manaus, is one of the five Brazilian stadiums that was renovated in time for the 2014 World Cup. a match-up between Cy Young and Roger Clemens? Or Babe Ruth squaring off against the Big Unit? Then get ready for the new Random Historical Debut feature in OOTP 13. This feature will allow you to fill your draft pools with the best players from baseball”s past, all randomly casino online appearing throughout your league”s history. Will this year”s draft feature Honus Wagner, Wade Boggs, or Prince Fielder?

But this doesn”t only apply to the rookie draft! You can create a historical league filled with random players from scratch as well. Who will be available in the inaugural draft? A 28-year old Ty Cobb maybe, Als online casino de-beste-online-casinos.info kom je ook niet zomaar in aanmerking om bepaalde certificeringen te krijgen. or a 22-year old Tim Lincecum? Who will be the first overall pick? Of yourse, you may start with random rosters as well if you do not want to run the inaugural draft.

The new historical random debut feature is a great new way to experience historical leagues like never before. Even if you are not casino online into historical leagues at all you should give this a try, it is a lot of fun and you will learn more about the history of the game and its players, both the great and the unkown.

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the exciting new features we just covered, here are some of the other great new additions and improvements in OOTP 13:

  • Expansion drafts have received additional options and UI enhancements
  • Revamped pitching engine, creating more realistic players out of high school & college
  • Improved player development engine for more realistic pitcher development
  • Improved fictional player creation engine, for example featuring more realistic defensive ratings
  • Greater statistical accuracy in historical simulations
  • Added an option to alert the GM on minor league injuries as well
  • Improved the AI throughout the game
  • View cities listed under the Nation List screen on Google maps with just a single click
  • Map the locations of your favorite teams and players” cities of birth using Google Earth
  • New Player Profile enhancements, for example splitting up the player awards and histories in several categories
  • News items can now feature images
  • …and more! We have added so many new features & tweaks, we can”t even remember every single one of them. So, you”ll probably find a few gems when you try out OOTP 13 on your own!

OOTP users have asked for AI improvements, League Associations, more playoff options, and additional historical features, and OOTP 13 delivers all of those and much, much more! It puts a host of new tools, a redesigned user interface and countless functional improvements under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the making. Come play it your way!

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 3

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 3

Posted on 05 April 2012 by Out Of The Park

OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 3:
A Bucket of Screenshots

What would Road to Release be without the obligatory screenshot round-up? John Rodriguez, also known as “Corsairs” on OOTP”s forum, snapped some shots from the perspective of his epic OOTP online league, the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance (PEBA), and its sister organization, the League of the Rising Sun (LRS). Let”s look at some of OOTP 13″s as-yet-unseen screens from a PEBA point of view.

Creating a League Association

League Associations are one of OOTP 13″s cool new features that lets you put different leagues under one umbrella, sharing playoffs, rules, and more. Here, John sets up an association with PEBA and LRS:

The main setup screen displays all the options available to customize the Association.

The playoffs for the Association are straightforward, but one can see the expanded realm of options that are now available.

Once setup is complete, you can review the details of the Association at any time. Here John has chosen to associate the PEBA and the LRS together into a “Leagues of the PEBA” association.

Expanded Playoffs and League Expansion Wizard

Customizable playoffs are another key part of OOTP 13. Here”s that feature in action:

As with association playoffs, the expanded playoff options increase the scope and options of playoff qualifiers.

And here”s the updated Expansion Wizard that lets you easily expand your league:

New options on this dialog include the ability to protect players with a certain minimum level of service time and a limit on the number of picks taken from any single team.

New Manager Home Screen

Many screens have been redesigned, including the new Manager Home Screen, which puts the most important information at your fingertips. Here”s a look at casino online John”s welcome screen. League Commissioners apparently have a lot to do.

In-Game Reports

You might have heard that HTML reports have been replaced inside the game with new native versions of the reports. Here”s a quick peek at one of those report screens from the PEBAverse.

In-Game Screen

We have redesigned the in-game screen in OOTP 13, replacing the default and widget views with an improved widget-based view called “BNN Broadcast”. The main attraction of this screen is that it (optionally) automatically adjusts to your current screen resolution, resulting in a much cleaner look than the previous widget screen in previous versions. Of course, you may still opt to set up the screen in any way you like, moving the widgets around and selecting different size options.

The Out of Town Scores Widget has gained a new size setting, when set to maximum it displays the complete info available from the Real-Time Simulation Mode.

Here are a few examples, using different screen resolutions:

1024 x 768:

1280 x 1024:

1920 x 1200:


We hope you enjoyed this quick peek into some of the as-yet-unseen screen from OOTP 13. Watch for more in-depth descriptions of some of these screens in an upcoming Road to Release article soon.

OOTP 13 puts a host of new tools, a redesigned and improved user interface and countless functional improvements all under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the taking, so come play it your way!

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 2

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 2

Posted on 04 April 2012 by Out Of The Park

OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 2:
Real-Time Simulation: Your New OOTP Addiction!

Remember September 28th, 2011?

Watching the day unfold, with all eyes on Atlanta, Baltimore, and Tampa, was an experience never to be forgotten.

In Out of the Park Baseball, fans have the ability to enjoy such excitement year-round. However, unless you watched one game play out, you were limited to simming out the day. It could provide a singular “wow” moment, but…well, the moment was fleeting.

Not so in OOTP13.

Welcome to Real-Time Simulation…aka, Your New Addiction!

(NOTE: The game does not ship with real logos! Screenshots containing logos were taken by using a beta version of the game and are for demonstration purposes only.)

What is Real-Time Simulation?

With Real-Time Simulation (RTS), you can watch the events of each day unfold in actual real-time. Or, if you wish, you can increase the speed of the day by factors of 2, 5, 10, 20, 60, 120, or 300. During RTS, you have the entire universe at your fingertips. You can look through any part of your league or association while the day plays out. But don”t worry about missing events as they happen: the RTS Live Update Bar, positioned atop the screen, gives you all scoring updates, as well as news of special events in the making. You also have the option of speeding up or slowing down your day, as well as pausing the action.

In this particular universe, fans woke up on October 3rd to a plethora of races. While Boston, Cleveland, and the Angels had punched their postseason tickets by winning their divisions, nothing else was settled. Here is how the standings looked heading into the final day of the season:

The key match-ups worth watching, as they involved teams with playoff aspirations, were:
7:10: Philadelphia (Worley, 7-14, 3.82) @ Washington (Gonzalez, 15-10, 3.98)
7:10: Boston (Beckett, 18-8, 3.58) @ NY Yankees (Sabathia, 12-14, 4.39)
7:35: Atlanta (Hanson, 12-7, 3.24) @ Pittsburgh (Morton, 9-16, 4.69)
8:10: Baltimore (Matusz, 6-5, 3.39) @ Tampa (Cobb, 8-13, 5.12)
8:35: Colorado (de la Rosa, 14.8, 3.67) @ Arizona (Kennedy, 15-10, 4.32)
10:10: LA Angels (Bell, 13.9, 3.73) @ Seattle (Beaven, 4.4, 2.79)
10:10: San Francisco (Bumgarner, 11-11, 2.72) @ LA Dodgers (Capuano, 13-12, 3.49)

(All times EST)

The big game, however, was found in St. Louis, where a de-facto one-game playoff for the NL Central crown was held. Mat Latos, who had lived up to the hype as a front-line starter, took his 21-7 record and 2.90 ERA against the Cardinals” ace Adam Wainwright (15-12, 2.82).

That”s a lot of channel flipping. Thankfully, with RTS, you”re only as far away as the click of your mouse.

How do I use RTS?

October 3, 2012 got off to a rousing start:

2:30pm: Justin Ruggiano hits a two-run home-run in Chicago, putting Houston up 2-0. Earlier in the day, Justin Morneau”s two homers, including one in the tenth, led the Twins to a 6-5 win over the Blue Jays.

In the screenshot below, you can see RTS Central. Note the Fenway-based scoreboards that show the entire linescore, as well as the most recent action of the game. You can also see the activity on the bases. Notice a rally taking shape? You can jump right into a game via the “Watch Game” button. You can also check out the box score to see how your fantasy players are doing.

You can look at the history of the day”s scoring updates, as well as a fluid list of the day”s top performers, at the bottom of the screen. The player names among the Top Performers are clickable and will take you to the player cards.

The day goes on and Houston holds off Chicago, 7-3, while Oakland cruises by Texas, 6-1. Now the fun begins.

The Joy of RTS: October 3, 2012

7:17: Mark Teixiera”s single scores Derek Jeter. With runners on the corners and one out, Robby Cano is the batter. With Beckett on the mound, this is a fantastic chance to see some early drama. Thankfully, with RTS, it”s easy to move in and out of games seamlessly. Click the “Watch Now” button to get into the game; after you arrive, you have an added “Leave Game” option that brings you back to the RTS screen.

7:22: The Phillies begin to mount a rally, putting two on with one out. After Carlos Ruiz pops up, Ty Wigginton”s single scores Chase Utley. Scoring updates can be found in green on the linescore.

7:36: Nick Swisher homers, giving the Yankees a 3-0 lead. Want to check up on the latest news, injuries, leaders, or just about anything related to your league while the day is playing out? You”re in luck! During RTS, you have the entire universe at your fingertips. You can look through any part of your league or association while the day plays out.

But don”t worry about missing events as they happen: the RTS Live Update Bar, positioned atop the screen, gives you all scoring updates, as well as news of special events in the making. You also have the option of speeding up or slowing down your day, as well as pausing the action. During my time spent looking at the standings, the Red Sox rallied to tie the score. Getting back to RTS is easy: just click the League pull-down menu, then click on “LIVE SCORES” under Special Event. That brings you right back to the screen. You can also click on the RTS Update bar atop the screen, which will bring you right back to RTS Central.

7:54: Matt Hague doubles home two, giving the Nats a 3-1 lead over the Phillies. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh scores in the bottom of the first as Neil Walker singles home Andrew McCutchen. Braves fans are hoping lightning doesn”t strike twice.

8:05: The Yanks score two on ground-outs in the third to go up 5-3, while Washington adds another on Danny Espinosa”s single, giving the Nats a 4-1 lead. Miami has a 5-0 lead on the Mets, on Aaron Rowand”s three-run homer, while Cleveland is up 2-1 on the ChiSox.

8:17: Carl Crawford singles home Ryan Sweeney, then scores on Darnell McDonald”s two-run single, giving Boston a 6-5 lead in the fourth in the Bronx. Also, the Game Of The Day begins in St. Louis with a silencer: Joey Votto hits a three-run jack off Adam Wainwright, giving the visiting Reds a quick jump on the Cards.

8:27: The Phils load the bases on Gio Gonzalez in the fifth, only to see Ryan Zimmerman make a brilliant stab of John Mayberry”s liner, ending the threat. 4-1 Nats as the game is now official.

8:36: Kendrys Morales, acquired by the Angels earlier in the year, singles home a run, giving the Indians a 3-1 lead. Meanwhile, Jhonny Peralta hits a two-run jack, giving Detroit a 2-1 lead over the Royals in the second.

8:39: In Arizona, Carlos Gonzalez doubles home Todd Helton and Marco Scutaro, giving the Rockies a 2-0 lead in the top of the first. The Rockies need a win, plus a Giants loss, to force a one-game playoff for the NL West title.

8:41: B.J. Upton”s ground-out scores Matt Joyce, giving the Rays an early 1-0 lead against the Orioles. The Rays are in the same spot as Colorado: they need a win, plus a loss by the Yankees, to force at least a one-game playoff for the Wild Card. So far, so good.

8:42: Michael Cuddyer hits a solo shot. 3-0 Rockies.

8:50: A-Rod scores Teixeira on a single. Tie game at Yankee Stadium after five.

8:54: Atlanta plates two in the fourth, the key being Drew Sutton”s triple, giving them a 2-1 lead in Pittsburgh. Sutton, used semi-frequently in a few cups of coffee to the show, has come through in a key spot in the game. You can see his 2012 stats in the screenshot below. A careful observer would also notice that Adam Wainwright”s single has gotten St. Louis on the board in the second. The Reds still lead 3-1, but the Cardinals are not going quietly into the night…not with a title on the line.

8:59: Ben Francisco hits a sac fly, scoring Miggy Cabrera and giving the Tigers a 4-1 lead over the Royals.

9:02: The Phils are at it again, putting two on with one out in the seventh against Gonzalez. The lefty strikes out Matt Diaz, then gets Dom Brown to ground out to first. Threat over…the Nats still lead 4-1. They are getting closer to paying back the Phillies for their fans invading their park over the years.

9:07: Helton blasts a two-run bomb, giving the Rockies a 5-0 lead in the second. The underachieving D”Backs seem to be rolling over.

9:18: Miggy Cabrera is 3-for-3 with a homer and 3 RBI. His two-run job gives the Tigers a 7-1 lead over the Royals.

9:12: Pedroia continues to be Captain Clutch. His third hit of the game nets RBIs three and four. Kelly Shoppach and Carl Crawford cross the plate, giving the Red Sox an 8-6 lead in the sixth.

9:28: The Red Sox have loaded the bases with one out. McDonald is at the plate against Boone Logan. This deserves a look-in, so we simply enter the game with a click of a button.

The crafty lefty got the K, only to face Adrian Gonzalez. Fortunately for Yankee fans, Gonzalez ripped it hard…but right at Cano. They go to the stretch at Yankee Stadium…Red Sox 8, Yanks 6.

9:35: And just like that, the Yanks have stormed back to the lead, behind A-Rod”s 29th home run of the year. The three-run jack gives him four RBI for the night, 104 for the year, and hands the Yanks a 9-8 lead. The Zoo is going crazy.

9:36: Daniel Murphy hits a homer. It”s too late to help the Mets, who fall 5-1 to Miami.

9:37: Matt ejphelps Holliday”s two-run homer ties things up in St. Louis.

9:38: The Nats add a run on Rogert Bernadina”s single, giving them a 5-1 edge over the Phils. Meanwhile, the Braves tack on a run, making it 3-1. Fans are closer to a 163rd game to decide the NL East.

9:46: Diaz scores Wigginton on a sac fly. It”s likely too little, too late for the Phils, who are about to become huge Pirate fans. Meanwhile, Justin Masterson was masterful, coming within one out of a three-hitter to get his 16th win as Cleveland wins 5-1 over the White Sox. Alex Cobb of Tampa is trying to grab the top performance of the day; his six innings of three-hit ball have him third on the list, behind Masterson and Anibal Sanchez (7 IP, 3 H, 0 R 6 K, 2 BB).

9:50: Sean Rodriguez” solo homer gives the Rays a 4-0 lead in the sixth.

9:53: The Phils lose in Washington. Now the scoreboard watching begins for the Phils.

9:55: They”re getting nervous in Tampa…a Yanks win ends any drama in the AL. Boston is running out of chances, ending the eighth on Cody Ross” double-play. Shawn Marcum is tossing a three-hitter in Milwaukee, handcuffing the Padres so far.

9:59: Chris Heisley hits a solo shot, putting the Reds back out in front of the Cardinals, 4-3. They continue to threaten with two on and one out. After loading the bases, they pull ace Mat Latos for pinch-hitter Todd Frazier. He promptly grounds into a double play, ending the threat and costing Dusty Baker his ace.

10:05: They go to the ninth in the Bronx…Yanks lead, 9-8. It”s Sweeney-Aviles-Shoppach for the Sox against the timeless Mariano Rivera. He promptly strikes out Sweeney.

10:10: Jarrod Saltalamacchia grounds out. Boston is down to their final out. David Ortiz grabs a bat.

10:10 (cont”d): Rivera throws a fastball, belt-high, on the inside part of the plate. It”s a mistake that he never makes. And Ortiz hits it a long, long way…but not long enough. Granderson catches it at the wall in right-center. The Yanks celebrate around their closer, who notched his 37th save. New York wins the AL Wild Card. The fact that it”s a come-from-behind win over the hated Red Sox…well, that”s a bit sweeter.

10:11: In Tampa, things just got very quiet.

10:12: David Ross walks for a RBI in Pittsburgh. The Braves are threatening to break it open, with the bases loaded and one out, owning a 4-1 lead.

10:13: Jason Grilli worked out of the jam, getting Michael Bourn to pop up before striking out Martin Prado. Still 4-1, Braves.

10:15: First pitch is thrown in Seattle. Thanks to the Yanks, it is a suddenly meaningless game.

10:21: The Giants and Dodgers are scoreless after one. The Giants need to win to avoid what the Phillies are hoping to escape: a one-game playoff. Unfortunately for their fans, the Rockies hold a 5-1 lead in Arizona.

10:25: The Braves are threatening again with two in scoring position and nobody out. Grilli appears to like pitching in tough spots…he just struck out Brian McCann.

10:28: Chipper Jones is walked intentionally, bringing up Sutton (2-3, 2B, 3B, RBI, BB). Sutton walks, giving the Braves a 5-1 lead.

10:33: They”ve played seven in St. Louis. 4-3, Cincinnati leads.

10:35: Milwaukee 2, San Diego 1 (F): Marcum is fantastic, tossing eight innings of four-hit ball, striking out eight.

10:41: Jake Fox lines out to open Accreditation StandardsFactors that raised Defensive what is defensive driving School’s rating include:Length of time business has been operating. the bottom of the ninth in Pittsburgh.

10:42: There are no theatrics in Tampa, online casinos australia but Alex Cobb finishes off a five-hit shutout of the Orioles. He struck out 13 against no walks, taking his place atop the top performers list.

10:45: Garrett Jones doubles, scoring Walker. 5-2, Braves. The Pirates have two on with two out and a pinch-hitter coming up for Chris Resop. Jonny Venters is on the mound for the Braves.

10:47: Miggy Montero walks home with a run for the Diamondbacks. 5-2, Rockies, in the seventh.

10:48: The pinch-hitter for the Pirates is Pedro Alvarez. It doesn”t matter. He strikes out to end the game and keep the Braves” season going for at least another game. Braves win, 5-2, and force a one-game playoff in Philadelphia tomorrow.

10:49: The nation”s eyes now shift to St. Louis, where the Cardinals cannot get any offense going. They trail the Reds 4-3 as they go to the ninth. Remember, the winner of this game wins the NL Central.

10:55: Drew Stubbs triples to open up the casino online top of the ninth for the Reds.

10:56; Brandon Phillips singles Stubbs home, giving the Reds a 5-3 lead. Fernando Salas immediately throws a wild pitch, then walks Votto.

11:00: Carlos Gonzalez homers for the Rockies, giving them a 6-4 lead over the D”Backs, who woke up in the seventh.

11:04: Another Salas wild pitch scores Phillips. He has totally unraveled here in the ninth, and it may cost the Cardinals. 6-3, Reds, as they head to the bottom of the ninth.

11:06: AJ Ellis homers for the Dodgers, giving them a 2-0 lead in the third over San Francisco. Will the Rockies begin to celebrate too early?

11:10: Rafael Furcal grounds out to open the bottom of the ninth in St. Louis.

11:12: Tyler Greene hits a pinch-hit bomb, cutting the Cards” deficit to 6-4. Sean Marshall is trying to finish things off for the Reds.

11:13: Chris Young homers for the D”Backs. 6-5 Rockies in the bottom of the eighth. It needs to be asked again…are they celebrating too early?

11:15: Yadier Molina lines out. Runner on first with two outs for Matt Holliday.

11:16: Holliday flies out to right, ending the game and the Cardinals” season. The Reds win the game, 6-4, as well as the NL Central. Latos picks up the win to go to 22-7 on the year, perhaps taking the Cy Young Award in the process.

11:17: Cole Gillespie”s triple scores Ryan Roberts, tying the game 6-6 in Arizona. The Rockies celebrated too early.

Special Updates During RTS

11:19: They”ve played four-and-a-half in Los Angeles and Chris Capuano has thrown five no-hit innings. The game will let you know of special events going on, such as four hits, three home runs, or, in this case, a no-hitter being tossed. You can find these among the scoring updates.

11:20: It may be a meaningless game now, but don”t tell that to the Seattle faithful. A packed house of over 43,000 are there to cheer on the M”s. So far, their team leads 1-0 over the Angels, who clinched the AL West title two days before in Seattle. A little under an hour ago, they found out they were eliminated from the playoffs altogether. Rough few days for the M”s and their fans, but they aren”t showing it.

11:22: Gerardo Parra singles home Gillespie. Suddenly, things get very tense in the Colorado dugout. D”Backs lead 7-6 in the bottom of the eighth. This was a 5-1 game at the seventh inning stretch.

11:25: They go to the ninth after Montero strikes out looking. 7-6, Arizona. Dexer Fowler, Helton, and Scutaro will bat for the Rockies in the top of the ninth against JJ Putz.

11:28: Fowler doubles on a 1-2 count to open the ninth.

11:29: Helton singles home Fowler. 7-7 game.

11:31: Eric Young Jr., in to pinch-run for Helton, steals second, and moves to third on Scutaro”s ground out. Gonzalez is walked intentionally for Troy Tulowitzki. That”s like bypassing Mike Tyson to fight George Foreman.

11:33: Putz walks Tulo, loading the bases for Jamie Hoffmann (.235-15-36), who entered as a defensive replacement for Cuddyer earlier in the game. Hoffmann has not had as big an at-bat in his professional career.

11:36: Putz works him to 0-2. Hoffman gets him to a full count before striking out swinging.

11:38: Tyler Colvin is the pinch-hitter. He promptly grounds out to end the threat. But the Rockies salvaged their season…for now.

11:40: Capuano: Six no-hit innings. The M”s still lead 1-0, on the strength of one hit, against the Angels after six innings.

11:43: James Darnell”s two-run homer puts the Dodgers up 4-0. A triple and a wild pitch later and it”s 5-0 Dodgers.

11:45: Aaron Hill walks with two outs, bringing up Chris Young. Young, who has homered already, hits a bomb to straight-away center…only to see the ballpark swallow it up. They”ll play free baseball in Arizona.

11:50: AJ Ellis strikes out, ending the sixth in LA. 5-0 Dodgers. Capuano heads back out to the mound.

11:52: Putz goes back out for another inning and is greeted by a Jonathan Herrerra single. Fowler to the plate.

11:54: Fowler triples home Herrera, putting the Rockies up 8-7.

11:55: Freddy Sanchez singles off Capuano, ending 6 1/3 no-hit innings for the Dodger starter. Meanwhile, Jordan Pacheco is hit by a pitch against new pitcher Bryan Shaw. Runners are on the corners with one out for Scutaro.

12:00: As the clock strikes midnight, Scutaro walks to load the bases for Gonzalez. Seattle still leads 1-0 (still with only one hit), while the Dodgers lead 5-0 against the Giants.

12:03: Gonazlez doubles home two runs, giving the Rockies a 10-7 lead. He also sets a regular season record for doubles in a game with his third. He is 4-for-5, 3 2B, HR, BB, 5 RBI on the day. Not bad when your season is on the line.

12:05: Hoffmann grounds out, scoring Scutaro. 11-7, Rockies, as they go to the bottom of the 10th.

11:12: The D”Backs finally lay down. Rockies 11, Arizona 7. If the score holds at Chavez Ravine, there will be another one-game playoff, this one for the NL West title.

12: 16: The Dodgers-Giants game goes to the eighth, LA up 6-0. Seattle still leads 1-0 as Blake Beaven is two outs away from his first-ever complete game shutout.

12:20: Mike Trout, who singled, has moved up to third base on a steal. He is the tying run for the Angels with two outs and Bobby Abreu at the plate. Brandon League has come in to shut things down. The question is…can he?

12:24: Nope. Abreu smacks a two-run homer off League. The Angels finally break through: Abreu”s round-tripper was the team”s tenth hit of the night. Angels lead 2-1 as they go to the bottom of the ninth.

12:35: With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, John Jaso takes Jordan Walden deep, tying the game. It his Walden”s fourth blown save and Jaso”s first home run of the season. In his defense, he spent most of the year in AAA Tacoma while Jesus Montero got the at-bats in Seattle.

12:36: And there will be another one-game playoff. Capuano pitches eight innings of one-hit ball before letting the bullpen finish a 6-0 victory over the Giants. The one-game playoff will be in Colorado tomorrow night.

1:31: Alex Liddi”s double scores Michael Saunders, sending Mariner fans home happy. Seattle wins 3-2 in 12.

The Wrap-Up (AKA “I Need A Cigarette”)

With Real-Time Simulation, you don”t have to let your world zoom by. You can stop to smell the roses and watch the action unfold before your very eyes. On one day, there were several games with severe playoff implications, along with comebacks, no-hit bids, the kind of clutch hitting you would want from your MVP candidates, and the types of moments that make us all baseball fans.

And you get to enjoy it all throughout the year.

OOTP 13 puts a host of new tools, a redesigned and improved user interface and countless functional improvements all under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the taking, so come play it your way!

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 1

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OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 1

Posted on 03 April 2012 by Out Of The Park

OOTP 13 – The Road To Release, Part 1:
The New GUI – Redefining how you play OOTP

Welcome to the 2012 edition of Road to Release, the series where we invite you, the user, to follow along the journey leading up to the release of the best edition of Out of the Park Baseball yet, version 13!

From the first looks at the revised graphic screen designs to the first in-game screenshots, it was clear from the outset that the GUI was going to get one of the biggest overhauls yet in OOTP 13. And the good news for you the user is that every improvement is aimed at delivering on one important goal, making your OOTP experience the best that it can be. So let”s dig into the GUI and see what”s changed and what”s new for OOTP 13.

Starting at the top

No better place to start than at the top of the OOTP screen and the completely revamped header. If you”ve ever thought that the user interface design of OOTP is a haphazard or casually implemented feature, think again. Markus and team worked long and hard to strike that delicate balance between aesthetics, usability, and plain old coolness factor.

The new header is clean, slick, organized and now features a completely redesigned pop-up menu designed to better categorize and explain each option”s purpose. Veteran players will like the reorganized layouts and newbies will enjoy not having to dig through lots of different menus to find the right page to actually access organization depth or the league injury log.

With the introduction of the new Real-Time Sim mode, the header has also become more functional. When you enter Real-Time Sim Mode, the header displays the running clock and allows you to tweak the time factor. It also displays notable highlights from the games as well as the score of the game your team is playing.

A new toolbar that you display your way

User opinion on the bottom toolbar was mixed at best, at least among the beta team. Some loved it and used it every time they played while others thought rapid opiate detox has developed safe and painless detox protocols for opioid drug use, benzodiazepines and opiate pain medication. its presence a nuisance and turned it off. (Did you know you could do that? Many on the beta team never had any idea.) The toolbar has been slightly modified for OOTP 13, but the biggest change you”ll see is where it Ved at spille Casino spil for rigtige penge optjenes der bonuspoint. is located now and how to turn it on and off. It can be turned on and off using a button at the top of the toolbar and is aligned to the right or online casinos in australia left side of the screens, so those of you who are Adobe users will feel right at home with this change.

Redesigned “Home Pages”

Each and every home page in the game has been refurbished for OOTP 13. The HTML pages have been replaced by screens that feel more like part of the game Du har helt sikkert hort at Norsk Tipping skal lansere nett casinoet . and aim to provide you with the essential information for that particular home page.

The online casino first and Big articles to check out are Pay Less For Going Out, which includes details on all lasting family day out deals and how to get free annual credit report hold of them, and DVD Rentals, which”ll show you how to get free annual credit report a steady supply of films for next to nothing. most important home page is the Manager Home Screen. This is your starting screen and has been redesigned to work more like a task organizer, helping you tackle your important tasks while presenting information vital to the success of your club, right to the top. No more forgetting that trade offer until it”s been expired for a week. You”ll see it right before your eyes as soon as you load up the game.

Browsing the game home page? You”ll see summaries of all the leagues in the game, including their upcoming schedules, league leaders, and playoff hopefuls.

On the revised league home page, you”ll get the league”s top news items and league batting and pitching leaders. You”ll also get a tabbed summary box containing the league standings (broken down by sub-league), events, recent transactions, injuries, and milestones.

Team home pages have also been revamped to display divisional standings, upcoming schedule, team leaders and a starting lineup snapshot.

Getting the right information to you in an efficient and organized way was the top priority of the OOTP 13 GUI redesign and we think you”ll be pleased with these exciting new screens

Don”t forget the footer

Remember where the icon toolbar used to be at the bottom of the screen? Well, say “Hello” to the new OOTP Ticker. This handy little bar scrolls recent game scores. Click a score and it opens up the box score. Neat, huh?

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the exciting new features above, here are some of the other great new additions and improvements in OOTP 13:

  • New player image sizes and transparent backgrounds
  • HTML pages gone within the game (same for box scores and game logs)
  • New default OOTP 13 skin (with more planned)
  • and much, much more!


OOTP 13 puts a host of new tools, a redesigned and improved user interface and countless functional improvements all under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the taking, so come play it your way!

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