About Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Baseball is a combination effort of Bill Ivie, Jr.‘s desire to launch a site dedicated to all of baseball and Daniel Aubain‘s desire to continue his excellent Fantasy Baseball coverage after shutting down the cult-favorite COSFBA.

Daniel Aubain said: “COSFBA stands for Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict and was originally started as more of a personal journal than a fantasy baseball blog. In its infancy (March 2008), this “site” was initially called Confessions of a Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict and used as a space where I could go to simply rant and rave about all the things I loved and hated about fantasy baseball, specific players and/or trends I saw within the game itself. ”

Daniel’s site added staff but somewhere along the lines, life demanded more time and COSFBA closed up shop.  Bill had grown i70baseball into a highly respected site and felt the desire to bring a team of writers together to cover all of baseball under a different banner.

Shortly after a few conversations between the two, the idea for Full Spectrum Baseball was born.

On Full Spectrum you can expect to see coverage that ranges from MLB News to statistical analysis to a heavy dose of Fantasy Baseball advice.  There will be a little something for every baseball fan here over the course of the season and the off season.

Articles will run at all times of the day with a minimum of two articles per day on the site.  There will be plenty of reason to come back throughout the day to see what is new and exciting.

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