Hamilton Did Not Owe The Rangers Anything

Posted on 14 December 2012 by Bill Ivie

Josh Hamilton made his splash this offseason when he landed a $25 million per year over the next five years from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  His formerly club feels slighted because they were not given the opportunity to match the offer.



The Rangers made an offer to Josh Hamilton and then told him if he found a better offer to let them know and give them the chance to match it.  There is some seriously flawed logic here.

First of all, I understand the need to save a dollar if you can, but offering someone a contract and then saying that you could pay them more if you had to is borderline insulting to the player.  Imagine me coming to your house and saying that I would like to hire you for a new job.  I can pay you a lot more, but since no one else has offered you that much, you will have to settle for what I offer you.  If you find someone else willing to pay you more, let me know, and I will pay you more then.  Never mind what you are worth, let’s talk about what I am willing to pay you.

The Angels haven proven one thing over the last two seasons, if you make the best offer you possibly can and tell a player you need a quick answer, that player will be wearing your jersey next year.

The Rangers should realize that they simply got outbid and caught trying to low-ball one of today’s bright stars.  If you could have paid him more, you should have offered him more to start with.

As it stands, Hamilton joins Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in a new age Murder’s Row in the same division his former team has won the last few seasons.

The Rangers will open on the road in 2013 against Houston.  Their home opener, to be played on April 5, is against the Angels.  The start of the marathon baseball season just got a bit more interesting.

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  1. Michael Says:

    Could not agree more! While I don’t think the Rangers totally lost out by not resigning him, they cannot whine about it. As you said they should have stepped up and made him a priority, but they didn’t. The Angels-Rangers rivalry continues to grow…good for the West.

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