Dear Yankee Fans….Chill Out

Posted on 12 October 2012 by Trish Vignola

I go to Yankee Stadium for the sushi. I stay for the playoff baseball. Man, what a game it was last night!

So, why was Yankee Stadium a glorified tomb?

Ok. Regardless, they won. Right? After a come from behind win in extra innings, I expected the stadium to be rocking.

(sound of crickets)

Two swings from the bat of Raul Ibanez made Joe Girardi look like a genius. It also diffused a delicate situation in how to handle a struggling Alex Rodriguez.

(sound of crickets)

So, maybe everybody is just conserving energy because it was cold in the stadium. Right? Sports radio will show fans’ true colors.

(sound of crickets)

During the overnight hours, Tony Paige is at the helm of the radio waves at New York’s WFAN. I tuned in during the drive back to Jersey. However, instead of celebration, all I heard was condemnation. No…I’m not talking about a rant by Mr. Paige. He was holding on for dear life as he handled phone call after phone call of the worst fans in baseball today… “Jeter babies.”

I first saw this term coined in a Jason Keidel article. He writes for both WFAN and CBS. Man, I can’t think of a more poignant term to describe these guys…”Jeter babies.”

No disrespect to Mr. Jeter himself. He just happened to come to age in front of a generation of 8-17 year olds, who now think the Yankees should make the playoffs every year.

I’m a Yankee fan.

October is not a god given right.

Remember the Steve Howe years? Anyone?

You would have though the team lost by two touchdowns yesterday.

To be fair though, the old timers (i.e. anyone over the age of 33) calling in were no better either. Keidel mentions how every spot in the lineup — Curtis Granderson, A-Rod, and Nick Swisher – got hammered by people who should know better. I personally had to stop my dad from trying to find A-Rod’s car in the parking lot.

You can’t outrun the cops at 65.

The team is conceivably nine innings away from the American League Championship. Where is your perspective? Better yet, why is no one hammering Mark Teixeira? He seemed to get away unscathed last night. Even better yet, why can’t any of these people have an intelligible conversation without using the term “Core Four”?

Enough already.

Have you gotten a chance to see the documentary “Knuckleball”? There is a part in the film where you hear Red Sox fans calling into radio shows being ridiculous about Tim Wakefield. Yankee fans last night sounded worse.

That’s right, they sounded worse than Red Sox fans. I said it.

To top it all off, why is Keidel the only one to notice that the A’s actually helped the Yankees out last night? By beating Detroit, they are forcing the Tigers to trot out Justin Verlander again. Guess who now can’t start Game 1 of the ALCS? Did anyone mention that on the radio last night?

You’re welcome, you ungrateful —-!

Let’s face it folks. Girardi’s move last night was brilliant. It was bold. It was borderline suicidal. More importantly, it worked. He benched the $30 million man for a 40-year-old bench player and that nobody came through ten-fold. Has your mom every told you to be grateful for what you’ve got? Apparently, not enough mothers in the New York metro area have. Seriously Yankee fans, it’s unbecoming. Let’s take a page from the team we follow and start showing a little more class. Besides, it could always be worse. We could be living in Wrigleyville.

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