Fantasy Baseball Stock Watch – Holds Reviewed

Posted on 06 September 2012 by Patrick Hayes

Ruth Gehrig hold

Well well, time is rapidly dwindling down in this 2012 year and we have reached the point where I review on my decisions to buy, sell or hold. This week I’ll gloss over all of the “holds” I issued. Since these, in theory, are the less sexy picks and less risky, might as well get them out of the way immediately. First, let us remember the blessed souls I decided to take an indecisive stance with:

Seems like an All-Start lineup for yesteryear, right?

I’ll now rank them in order of performance of falling in line with their “hold” designation. Not sure if this will makes sense, but hey, lets roll with it. One being a great hold (think Kate Upton), six being an awkward hold (think Oprah [?!])

  1. Yovanni Gallardo – He has been rock solid and should have been a buy candidate. Gallardo has assumed ace of the staff with Grienke gone and has posted a 6-1 record since my article posed on July 23. He had two bad outings with seven earned runs each, but bounced back nicely with  a minimum of seven innings pitched in all his wins. The consistency is still a hesitation from deeming him among the elite, maybe in 2013.
  2. Cliff Lee – This pick was pretty much a no-doubter. I mean come on, he had one win heading into my article post on August 13. Since then he notched two more wins vs zero losses with four quality starts. In these 28.1 IP he has struck out 31 and only walked two. Yup, definitely along the lines of his expectations on the year. Be glad to own him down the stretch.
  3. Tim Lincecum – Seems I completely rock the pitchers on this, huh? To be fair Lincecum only had one appearance since my post on August 27, but he was solid, to the tune of 6.1 IP, seven K’s and three walks. It is apparent that Tim still hasn’t completely rediscovered his CY Young caliber, but all signs point to a big sigh of relief. I’m still holding and waiting on him.
  4. Desmond Jennings – Following up his breakthrough 2011 year with shattered dreams. As of August 20 he was batting under .250 and was getting dropped all together in many formats. Since that article he has brought his average above .250 and is hitting .318 in the past 14 days with three homers and two stolen bases. The Rays are heating up as well (think Evan Longoria means anything to this team? Should he be in the MVP discussion?), and Desmond has been a benefit and not a liability along the way. Expect to see the Rays in the postseason (just have that feeling) and we will really see the type of player Jennings will be heading into 2013.
  5. Chase Utley – God bless your heart. You are still out there playing on fragmented knees and glimmers of the golden years. Yes, since August 6 you have had your ups and downs, but of late, it’s mostly down. August was a solid month, but your average on the year has gone down since I posted, but you have hit seven more homers and knocked in 23 (that’s a positive, right?!). You, more than any other, are what you are. Your name in a fantasy lineup still demands glance backs and some fear in opposing managers, however, that luster is almost off as well. Will an off-season of rest help your health? Time will only tell, and the Father is not on your side. (
  6. Justin Upton – You should have sold him when you had the chance this year. Prior to my post on July 16, Justin’s slash line was .264/.351/.393 and today it sits at .271/.350/.405. Still completely lacking sex appeal. The only hope for owners of the younger Upton is that this 2012 year is an outlier and Justin will bounce back in 2013 motivated and rejuvenated. Heck, I might even buy him off you for nickels on the dollar.

In review, I feel pretty good as to the players I picked. A few bounced back big time and some just disappointed. Current day, I would now buy two of them, keep holding two and sell two. What are your thoughts?

Reactions and opinions are always welcomed. Find me on twitter: @pf_hayes

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  1. Butt Pirates Says:

    Who would you rather have in a keeper league moving forward … Justin Upton or Jason Heyward?

    Thanks! Love the articles, keep them rolling!

  2. Daniel Aubain Says:

    I don’t get what’s wrong with Justin Upton this year and Jason Heyward seems to have figured out his woes in 2012. My brain tells me Heyward but my gut screams JUp as a keeper for 2013.
    No option to keep both?

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