Mike Francesa goes Crazy Pants on the Mets…and I agree.

Posted on 26 August 2012 by Trish Vignola

Famed New York radio show host, Mike Francesa of WFAN, didn’t get to where he is by being polite. As much as I disagree with his garden-variety fare, albeit pioneering garden-variety fare, 100% of the time, Francesca actually tapped into something raw and real this week. Something I agreed with, grant it I still had to kill most of the volume on his frothing, voice-cracking tone.

And after the Mets were swept in four games by the last-place Colorado Rockies, the team sunk to 11-28 since the All-Star break. Francesa, a notorious Mets’ hater, went absolutely bonkers on the Mets and manager Terry Collins… rightfully so.

If you haven’t checked out Francesca’s crazy pants rant, enjoy the chaos, as well as the Rich Kotite reference, here.

The Astros should thank they’re luck stars they don’t play in New York.

While this clip is frankly amazing, it falls behind the definitive Mike & The Mad Dog rant from Chris Russo after the Giants exited the 2003 NL playoffs. Barely. In terms of radio show host tirades, the Francesca clip is awesome. His anger builds as he gets going. He’s flat out yelling at one point. The coup de grace?

“If I was the owner, if I was Jeff Wilpon, if I’m Sandy Alderson, I would be afraid to show my face in public if this was my team. That’s how bad this has been now. Listen, we gave them credit when they deserved it this year, but I’ve never seen a team die like this team.”

He’s right though. The Mets are in free fall. For example, in the Rockies series, a 50-73 Colorado Rockies team swept them in four games in Flushing. It wasn’t for lack of starting pitching either. Collin McHugh threw seven scoreless innings, allowing two hits and one walk. The Mets still managed to lose.

It’s easy to blame guys, like Jordany Valdespin. In the final game of the Rockies series, he misplayed Tyler Colvin‘s eighth-inning would-be lineout into a triple that wound up becoming the game’s only run. Valdespin was thrown out stealing and failed to lay down a requested sacrifice bunt.

Blaming Valdespin is too easy though. He’s one of the few components of this Mets team with any life left. Josh Thole and Daniel Murphy are singles hitters who don’t hit singles. Trust me, I know. Thole is on my dang Fantasy Baseball team.

David Wright‘s been ordinary at best since the All-Star break. Andres Torres heads to the plate looking to find any excuse not to swing. Ike Davis homers occasionally. He walks from time to time, but that’s not often.

Scott Hairston recently started playing like Scott Hairston is supposed to play. Trust me. He too is on my Met-like Fantasy Baseball team.
Jason Bay? Next Subject.

No need to kick them when they’re down. Unless, you’re talking about the bullpen, then kick away.

As crazy as Francesa gets, he’s got a point. Yes, a gloried minor league team beat them. Nonetheless, after giving up and playing dead after the All-Star break, the Mets are no better. You don’t have to listen to all 10 minutes and 15 seconds to get the gist of it, but you probably won’t want to turn it off, either.

The Mets have done a lot of reprehensible things since early July. The worst thing they did: they made me agree with Mike Francesa.

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