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Posted on 12 April 2012 by Jared Thatcher

Were you one of the managers that had Doug Fister or some other struggling starting pitcher on their roster this week? Well, lucky for you, I have an idea. If you over-manage like I do, then you are probably looking to make some changes in your starting pitcher lineup after only a few games.

My suggestion to you is to add Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Drew Smyly immediately. I took a little heat when I ranked Smyly higher than almost everyone else on my Top 100 Prospects list, but I have faith he can make it in the bigs. I have so much faith in him in fact, that I also projected him as the AL Rookie of the Year for 2012.

Smyly is owned in 0.5% of ESPN fantasy leagues. That number could increase dramatically after tomorrows start if he performs even close to what how I think he will. If your league gives points for Wins then Smyly is an easy pickup due to the fact that he might have the best offense in years behind him. The Tigers should be able to give him a comfortable lead early, which will allow him to pitch without any restrictions or worries.

Smyly might walk a few batters but he definitely has the stuff to strike out a few batters as well. At Double-A last year, he averaged 10.4 strikeouts per nine innings and registered a sterling 1.18 ERA. He has excellent control and even better command of his pitches. The Tigers have never been afraid of throwing young pitchers out there so I don’t expect his rotation spot to be in jeopardy very quickly.

Pick up Smyly as a spot starter this week and be prepared to make him a stable part of your rotation going forward.

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  1. Bob Loucks Says:

    … Good STUFF !

  2. @sports_advisor Says:

    Not gonna happen. Glad you have confidence in this kid but he wont be rookie of the year and not worth a fantasy roster spot in a 12 man league and probably a 14 team format either. Fister shouldnt be on the DL too long my advice is to use an open DL spot and wait for the guaranteed winner with 200+ k’s to return.

  3. Jared Thatcher Says:

    @sports_advisor for my sake I hope you are wrong. Although I have probably made worse predictions before. After the game tonight check back here and if he gets rocked, I will apologize and admit I might be wrong. Gotta love small sample sizes.

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