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Posted on 03 April 2012 by Jared Thatcher

The season is just about to start so I thought I would share my Preseason Predictions with you. Please feel free to comment and leave your own predictions here as well!

AL East Winner – Tampa Bay Rays – They have a great pitching staff and should put up enough runs in the AL East to win it again this year.
AL Central Winner – Detroit Tigers – The lineup is downright ridiculous in Detroit. They should score a ton of runs and the pitching will be stellar as well.
AL West Winner – Texas Rangers – A powerful lineup in addition to a solid rotation should help them hold off the Angels.
NL East Winner – Washington Nationals – My darkhorse pick this year. They have a great pitching rotation and a lockdown bullpen. Now they just need runs…
NL Central Winner – St. Louis Cardinals – Albert who? They still have power and production in the lineup with a great rotation. Bullpen might be shaky…
NL West Winner – Arizona Diamondbacks – Repeat performance. Pitching staff may not be as good but some prospect might come up to fix that. Should score a lot of runs.
AL Wild Cards – Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees – The powerhouses will still win over 90 games and easily fill the wildcards.
NL Wild Cards – Philadelphia Phillies, Cinncinati Reds – The Phillies will make the postseason on pitching alone and ride it all the way through.
World Series: Tigers over Phillies in game 7 – The Tigers pitching will be too much and if anyone can hit against the Phillies, it’s the Tigers lineup.

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera – Should drive in a ton runs with protection from Fielder. A monster year is expected if he can stay healthy.
NL MVP – Joey Votto – A mediocre lineup shouldn’t hinder him in hitting over .320 and 100 RBIs.
AL Cy Young – Dan Haren – It’s time. He pitches a ton of innings and with a great defense behind him, he should have a very sub-3.00 ERA
NL Cy Young – Adam Wainwright – He has something prove after TJ surgery. Was brilliant in Spring Training and should be himself once again. Lookup “Ace”  to see his pic
AL Rookie of the Year – Drew Smyly – Locked down the #5 spot with the Tigers. He should pitch lots of innings and be very effective even getting over 150 Ks.
NL Rookie of the Year – Bryce Harper – Time for the prodigy to make his debut. He will help out the Nats with his power starting early in the season.

What are your picks? Tweet them to @Jared_Thatcher and @FullspectrumBB

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  1. DuggerSports Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks Votto will win the NL MVP. Your AL Rookie of the Year pick surprises me. It is a legitimate selection; however, it’s not a guy I hear many people naming. Kudos to you for not going with the rest of the world.

    I agree with you that Harper will have an impact on the Nationals this season; however, I believe Dee Gordon will win rookie of the year (assuming he is eligible, of course). I always love reading others’ predictions to get an idea of what everybody thinks will happen. Feel free to check out my own predictions so you can see where we differ and where we’re on the same page.

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