Finding Keepers: Detroit Tigers

Posted on 02 April 2012 by Gary Marchese

The Detroit Tigers were a good team last  year.  They even upset the New York Yankees in the first round of the playoffs.  They lost to the Texas Rangers in the ALCS.  Detroit made some upgrades and seems to be a very strong team going into 2012.  I believe they have a bunch of fantasy keepers on their team.  Here I will take a look at some.  I would love to hear any feedback, agree or disagree.  I can be reached on twitter @gmarchesej, email and comments under this article.  Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to do so with not just me but the other writers as well.

Miguel Cabrera

SP Justin Verlander, he is one of the best pitchers in the game today.  If you have him on your team you don’t want to give this guy up.  He will be the anchor of your pitching staff.  He is still young and has many good years ahead of him.  He won the MVP award in 2011 and will look to continue his dominance in 2012.  He was 24-5 with a 2.40 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP.  What an amazing season, in his career he is 107-57 with a 3.54 ERA and a 1.19 WHIP.

Closer Jose Valverde, you can’t argue with perfection.  I don’t really know how he did it but he did.  Valverde was perfect last year and if I had him on my team I would want to ride that for as long as I could.  There is no reason to give him up at this point.  He was 49 for 49 in save chances and 2-4 with a 2.24 ERA.  It was his best year by far but still worth holding onto and see if he can repeat it or come close to last year.

C Alex Avila is an all-star catcher with power.  He is a guy you want to hold onto.  He came up in 2010 and wasn’t great but really broke out last year.  He hit 295 with 19 homeruns and 82 RBI.  His on base was 389, a catcher with those kind of numbers you don’t want to let go of.

3B Miguel Cabrera is a hitting machine.  He is one of the best hitters in baseball.  He is a guy that you fear as an opposing pitcher.  If he is on my team there is no way I can give him up.  He is still fairly young also and in his prime.  He hit 344 last year with 30 homeruns and 105 RBI.  He is a 317 career hitter who will hit you 30+ homeruns a year.  His worst year was 26 homeruns and that was in 2006.

1B Prince Fielder left Milwaukee for a big contract with the Tigers.  He is a great power hitter though and is playing in a city where his father played.  He hit 299 with 38 homeruns and 120 RBI last year.  He will only benefit from having Cabrera in front of him in the lineup.  He hit 28 homeruns in his worst year and has hit 50 once and 46 another time.  He is a great power hitter and you need that on your team for sure.

Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello and Doug Fister all starting pitchers are guys I would look at as honorable mentions.  I don’t think they are great but they are all  young with potential.  They also aren’t that bad pitching wise.  They could all win you anywhere from 10-15 games and have an ERA around 4 at the worst, the best they may do is 3.5 to 3.8 ERA.  I would take a long look at them if they were on my team and think about keeping them.  I am not going to say they are definite keepers but they are borderline.

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