Cardboard Hunters: Two more HOF players added to collection

Posted on 19 March 2012 by Jared Thatcher

Well, in my quest to gather a Rookie Card of every Hall of Fame player, I have added two more in the last week. As I get deeper into the list of Hall of Famers, the cost seems to exponetially increase, making it harder for me to acquire the cards. But, I was able to get decent deals on a couple more cards last week that I think you will enjoy.

First off is the 1975 Topps #616┬áRC of Jim Rice. The card has probably one of my favorite designs because it clearly represents the 70′s by being colorful and a bit strange. The card stock is nice and thick, and for some reason, my card still smells a bit like bubble gum. The top half of the card is pink while the lower half is a bright yellow. I have no clue why Topps chose those colors but it’s still pretty cool. The card features three other players also including Dave Augustine, Pete Mangual, and John Scott. Scott sports and awesome pair of chops in his picture and Augustine has a classic 1970′s mustache as well. For some reason Rice is wearing a polo type shirt under his jersey and the color is sticking out, making him look like a ballplayer from a much earlier era. My card came in a penny sleeve and top loader, and cost me $7.42 shipped. I probably could have gotten the card at a lower price but my card has great corners and really good edges. It almost looks like it came right out of a pack. I love this card and I am glad it was added to my collection.

The next card that arrived in the mail is a 1933 Goudey Gum Edgar (Sam) Rice card. Let me start out by saying this card is in rough shape, but I ┬áreally don’t care. I have gone back and forth with a few people over whether or not this is really Sam Rice’s rookie card or not. Some people think that his previous cards from various card companies are his true rookies. There are a few “cards” from around 1919-1921 that make this case, but I came to the conclusion that the 1933 Goudey Gum card would work for me as his rookie. To me, the card is his first actual card ever intentionally made as a card, of him. Anyway, this card is in rough shape. There are a couple holes near his name where it looks like someone had pinned it to a wall or something, and there is some paper loss on the sides of the card and a couple small stains. But, for the shipped price of $22.50, I thought this was a decent deal for the card. There are other selling for double that price and a few graded ones that sell for even more. Mine is not graded but I am positive it is authentic and adds a very nice vintage touch to my collection

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  1. Dan lashley Says:

    I am working on this set as well. Maybe we can compare notes sometime Good luck

  2. Jared Thatcher Says:

    Thanks Dan. I think I saw on your blog that you are collecting the same set.

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