DOs and DONTs: Chicago White Sox

Posted on 05 March 2012 by Jared Thatcher

At first glance there weren’t really that many players I would draft from the White Sox this year. But upon further investigation, they may have some very valuable middle to late round picks that could add depth and production to your team.

DO find solace in the many young arms in the bullpen this year. Addison Reed, Matt Thornton, and Jesse Crain should all be lock down out of the bullpen no matter what order you put them in. They probably won’t have a ton of save opportunities, but should provide innings and strikeouts.

DONT even think about drafting most of their starting rotation this year. Gavin Floyd is injury prone and doesn’t put up great numbers. Jake Peavy is an absolute mystery, even to himself. He has lost velocity and doctors say his arm is as good as it’s going to get.

DO consider drafting John Danks as your number 3-5 starting pitcher. He has had a rough couple of years but I’m confident he can pitch 200 innings this year with an ERA under 4.00. The 150 strikeouts from him will be nice also toward the back of your rotation.

DO not overlook a couple of the other young arms on the team, Philip Humber and Nestor Molina. Molina came over in a trade from the Blue Jays and is a decent prospect. Humber provided over 200 innings of 4.00 ERA ball last year while striking out 150 batters. He should once again be a workhorse in 2012.

DONT take the chance on any of their outfielders unless you are absolutely desperate. Alex Rios had a terrible year in 2011 and there is no reason why he should be any better this year. Alejandro De Aza had a nice line over 54 games in 2011 but he is unproven. Dayan Viciedo was a good prospect in his day and still has some potential, but I would stay away until he proves himself.

DO DO DO pick up Paul Konerko as at least your DH this year. He is an RBI machine and has a great batting average to go along with it. He should be the same productive player he has always been, even considering his age.

DONT draft young infielders Brent Morel or Gordon Beckham. They were touted as future superstars and have shined at times, but the shine tarnished quickly and they were revealed to be below-average players. Don’t take the chance on these two guys until they can prove they can be productive week in and week out.

DO not expect Adam Dunn to hit under .200 again. Although the batting average is never very high for Dunn (he strikes out a ton), he should regain his swing and once again hit at least 30 home runs. Let Dunn slide as far as you can in the draft but don’t be afraid to take him as your DH in 2012.

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  1. Coach Says:

    Philip Humber pitched 200 innings? Nestor Molina is a good pick in fantasy? Dayan Viciedo was a good prospect in his day? Gavin Floyd is injury prone?

    Floyd has made over 30 starts the last 4 seasons.
    Viciedo killed the ball in Charlotte last year and only had 100 at bats in the Majors.
    Nestor Molina will be a bullpen guy if he makes the team… which he won’t. Unless you are in a dynasty league, no way should you draft him this year.
    Philip Humber threw 163 innings and struck out 116 batters last year. Don’t know where you got your numbers from.

    Worst of all is you don’t mention Chris Sale. He’s the guy you want as a sleeper off of the White Sox.

    You are the worst fantasy writer of all time. Thanks.

  2. Jared Thatcher Says:

    Hey Coach! Thanks for taking the time to comment on one of my posts. The Philip Humber numbers are his career numbers but I accidentally wrote “last year” in stead of “last two years”.
    Nowhere did I say that Molina was a good fantasy pick. I only said he is a decent prospect and don’t overlook him. It’s up to you if you draft him or not and where you draft him. Some of our readers are in dynasty leagues and like deeper picks like Molina.
    Dayan Viciedo did kill the ball in Charlotte last year but that means nothing when you get to the Majors. I simply stated that fantasy owners should stay away from him on draft day because there are a lot of other more proven outfielders to get.
    The reason I think Gavin Floyd is injury prone is because of his arm action. I know he has had 30 or more starts over the last 4 years but I just can’t believe his arm is going to holdup forever. He throws with more arm than body and at some point I think he will get hurt. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Who knows.
    And finally you are one hundred percent correct…I did leave off Chris Sale. I only left him off because I am not sure how well he will do as a starter. This post is called DOs and DONTs, not MAYBEs or I DONT KNOWs. My hesitations with him as a starter are numerous and I have already seen him in action earlier this week against the Cubs. If I knew he was only going to be a reliever, he would be a resounding DO, but I have no idea how he will handle the transition to the rotation.

    Thanks again for reading and for your comment!

  3. Jordan Says:

    LMAO, where did this Jared Thatcher guy come from. Obviously doesn’t know anything about fantasy baseball.

  4. Jared Thatcher Says:

    I would love to see your input on the post. Oh, and I am from Avondale, Arizona. Thanks for reading!

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