DOs And DONTs: Boston Red Sox

Posted on 08 February 2012 by Gary Marchese

In this article I am going to take a look at the Boston Red Sox.  I am going to look at them though through the eyes of a fantasy baseball player.  I am going to do my DO and DONT list for them as in things to look at and not look at when preparing your fantasy baseball team.  This edition though is all about the Boston Red Sox.  When you are done reading this you should have a good undestanding of their team and how you can attack your league with the Red Sox.  This will also go along with the New York Mets and New York Yankees article I did and Arizona Diamondbacks which one of my colleagues did.  We have you covered all through the year with all your baseball and fantasy baseball needs.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at and @gmarchesej through twitter.  Thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback you may have.  Now without further interruption I present to you the Boston Red Sox Dos and Don’ts.

  • Do if healthy give Carl Crawford a look.  I don’t think he will be the player that he was in Tampa Bay but I don’t think he is what he was last year.  The big thing here is his health.  He did have wrist surgery but I am going to assume he is ok to start the season or if not a couple of weeks into it.  Crawfords numbers last year were 255 avg, 11 homeruns and 56 RBI.  His career lines are 293, 12, 72, I would expect a bounce back from him
  • Don’t take a risk on Daniel Bard.  He has talent but I am not sold on him being a good starting pitcher.  He has a very good fastball but it is straight and I don’t care how fast you throw if it is straight the major league hitters will catch up to it eventually.  He will have to have a breaking ball and maybe even a changeup to give it a change of pace and I am not sure he can develop it and adjust from the back end of the bullpen.
  • Do take Dustin Pedroia high on your list.  Pedroia is one of those guys you look at and say he must not be very good.  He plays with so much heart and energy though and he is one of the best second baseman.  He has suprising power for a little guy.  He will hit for average give you some pop and drive in a pretty good amount of runs.  He is also a guy who can give you around 20 steals.
  • Don’t take a big gamble on Andrew Bailey.  He is a good pitcher don’t get me wrong but moving from Oakland to Boston is something entirely different and he is always an injury risk.  I think that alone would scare me away from him.
  • Do give Kevin Youkilis a good long look.  Youkilis is another heart and soul guy, he will leave it all out on the field and he is the roman god of walks and the prototypical money ball guy.  If your into the sabermetrics then he is your dream guy.  He will give you about 290, 20 and 80 for his numbers.  Those are rough estimates but he will always have a high on base percentage, he is worth at least your time in looking at him.
  • Dont think Jacoby Ellsbury is suddenly an elite player in the league.  I don’t by it, I think he is good but I also think he had a career year in 2011 and is likely to come down from it.  Ellsbury hit more homeruns last year then he had in his previous and first four years in the league.  He also only had 25 less RBI then he had in the previous four years.  Is it possible he got that much better in one year??  Anything is possible but I wouldn’t bet on that and is he really over his injury woes?  I wouldn’t bet on that either.
  • Do put Jon Lester high on your list.  He is one of the best young pitchers in the league.  He is also a lefty and a guy you want on your team.  He overcame cancer at a young age and is a bulldog.  There are a lot of good pitchers around but I would put him in that top list of guys I would want.  Another thing to like is he has pitched his whole career in the tough AL East.
  • Don’t even think about their shortstops.  This looks to be an area where they need real improvement.  They traded away Marco Scutaro and now their starter is Mike Aviles or Nick Punto.  They do have Jose Iglesias but he isn’t ready yet, he may be a guy you look to in a keeper league.  This isn’t an area I would pay attention to on this team.
  • Do think that David Ortiz will still put up numbers.  If you have a DH league then he should probably be near the top for the DH position.  He is a guy that for the last couple of years was written off and still ended up with good number.  I wouldn’t predict a decline until I see it and thus far he hasn’t shown it, all he has to do is concentrate on hitting and the lineup he is in also helps him with his overall numbers.
  • Don’t go near the catchers.  I know catcher isn’t really a high impact offensive position but you don’t want any of the Red Sox catchers.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the only guy that can show something but he still only hit 235 last year although he did have 16 homeruns and 56 RBI.  You can do better looking at other teams though.
  • Adrian Gonzalez is one of the top first baseman.  I know it is a deep position but DO put him on your list to at least consider.  Gonzalez is a superb hitter and defender for that matter.  If your in a league where you get extra points for gold gloves and assists, things of that nature then he is even more valuable.  He is a very good player and he seemed to transition well to Boston from the West Coast.  The only thing I don’t like about him is he tends to be streaky.


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