DOs And DONTs: New York Yankees

Posted on 01 February 2012 by Gary Marchese

We are taking a look at the New York Yankees here from a fantasy baseball perspective.  I do know that leagues vary in their point systems and what type of leagues you are in.  This is in general what I would look at if I was looking at the Yankees as a whole.  We are less then three weeks away from Spring training so it is time to start getting ready for the fantasy baseball season as well.  This should help you do some research and come out with a winning team for 2012.  I have put these items in a Do and Don’t format of what I would do.  This is in regards to picking a fantasy baseball team from the Yankees team.

  • Do take the chance on A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez as always has the spotlight on him.  I would expect him to be closer to his form of old.  He is regressing with age but he isn’t the guy you saw last season.  He was hampered by injuries and I would expect him to reach 30 home runs and 100 RBI once again.  He may never hit 40 home runs again but he is a guy that is worth looking at especially in the Yankees lineup.  276, 16 and 62 are not what he is, he still had a 362 on base percentage though.
  • Don’t take A.J. Burnett.  I know there is always a temptation there because his stuff is so great.  He is what he is though and I wouldn’t expect anything differently.  He may not even be with the Yankees if they could trade him, he should be able to win 15-20 games but he just doesn’t.  There is a reason he is around a 500 pitcher for his career, he isn’t a young kid anymore either.
  • Do for sure take CC Sabathia as one of your top picks if you can.  CC is the unquestioned ace of the Yankees and one of the best in the game.  You know he will give you 200+ innings, lots of strikeouts and close to 20 wins if not more.
  • Don’t get nervous about Mariano Rivera and his age.  He has not shown any signs of slowing down.  The Yankees also being one of the top teams again will give him plenty of chances at a lot of saves.  I would still rank him up there as the top closer and a guy high on my list to draft.  Last season he had 44 saves and a 1.91 ERA with a .90 WHIP.
  • Do take Robinson Cano as one of your overall top picks.  He has shown that he is one of the best young players in the game and keeps getting better.  His immaturity at times when he was younger doesn’t seem to be slowing him down now, he has gotten past that and continues to look for great things.
  • Don’t bet on Hiroki Kuroda, he may be worth a middle to late round pick.  He is a solid pitcher but we don’t know how he will adjust to the east coast and also the AL East.  I would gamble on him late but not early, especially with his high home run numbers last year and he is going to a hitter friendly Yankee Stadium.
  • Do take Michael Pineda in keeper leagues.  I know it was only one year and he slowed down towards the end but I believe he is the real deal and being on such a good team can only help him.  I expect him to become a #1 or #2 starter for years to come.  He should help anchor the Yankees pitching staff for many years.
  • Mark Teixeira is a good first baseman but don’t take him.  The AL is stacked with first baseman now, Prince Fielder is in Detroit, Albert Pujols is in Anaheim, Adrian Gonzalez is in Boston.  There are so many good first baseman and I think the shift is hurting Teixeira and taking away from his overall fantasy value.  He still hits for power and drives runs in but I would look elsewhere first.
  • Do look at David Robertson and Rafael Soriano if bullpen guys are heavily factored into your league.  If there are hold stats in your league and of course overall ERA thE. Robertson would be a good pick.  I know Soriano started off badly last year but he really picked it up in the second half of the season and I expect him to have success in 2012.

This is my look at the New York Yankees baseball team and how they would fit into your fantasy team.  I do realize that there are other teams but this is a good start.  The Yankees usually have a lot of guys that are worth picking or at least looking at.  The Yankees are one of the top teams in the game and are a good place to start looking to fill your fantasy baseball team.  I will be looking at other teams and maybe even divisions in the future.  If you continue to follow my work and read me here at Full Spectrum Basebal I am sure you will have a good idea of how to attack your fantasy baseball season.

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